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User Management and Account Ownership Transferring in Serverless360

Yuvaranjani Kalichamy

5 Mins Read | Last updated on October 4th, 2023


Serverless360 allows account owners to set up fine-grained authorization for the users added to their account. Account owner/Superuser(s) can set up access rights for new users to different sections depending on the requirements. Say, a Level 1 support engineer has different requirements when compared to Level 2 and account owner. User management is one of the key features in Serverless360 that enables you to invite a new user, modify and delete the existing users as when. This feature is essential for a SAAS based application to allow the user to authenticate into the application and perform operations. Serverless360 offers three user types and each user type is designed to have a different kind of a role. If you want to know more about User management in Serverless360, refer to this article.

Registered Users

registered-users-in-servicebus360All the registered users will be listed in this screen, the user item contains their type, access level and option to edit and delete the existing users.

User types in Serverless360

Account Owner – The Account Owner serves as the primary contact for the Serverless360 account. The account owner has the complete privilege to access all the sections in the account. The user who signs up for the Serverless360 account will be assigned as the account owner. An account owner can create (invite) other users to their Serverless360 account.

Super User – The Super User can access all the Namespaces and Settings, but can’t make payments, view billing information, and close the account. You can have more than one super user for an account.

Normal User – The Normal User can create, edit, and delete alarms, map resources to alarms, and perform operations on the resources. The Normal User does not have access to the Settings section.

Invite New User

You can invite your group member by creating a new user. registered-users-in-servicebus360

An activation email will be sent to new user’s Email Id once the account is created in Serverless360.


Just follow the email content to join the team and set the password for your login


Once you complete the above steps, the new user can log in to Serverless360 and perform any operation in the application.

User Profile

You can get the customer details, Time Zone and Date Time Format for your account.


When you are stuck with any issues in the associated namespaces, just send your customer id along with your issue description to our support team. This could be easy for us to find your tenant details very quickly and solve issues at the earliest.

Change Password

Logged user can change their password in the change password section.


Operation History

You can get the list of operation history where you can find the audit detail like who did what and you can see more detail by clicking info icon.user-management

Account Ownership Transferring

For any product, the user has some restrictions on the features based on the type of users. Similarly, in Serverless360 there can be only one Account Owner. Only he/she can get access to the Payment section. Other users [Super user, Normal user] do not have access to that.

Why Transferring Account Ownership?

Even though an organization may have a higher authority as an Account Owner, there may be some situations like the user is not available at the organization or the user is not able to continue for long. It is easy to remove or add the normal user and superuser. But if the user is an Account owner, then it is not possible for anyone to remove them. The Account owner himself needs to close their account. This may incur a huge loss if it is paid customer. Serverless360 allows users to transfer the account ownership. In this blog, I will explain how to switch account ownership to other users in Serverless360.

How to Switch the Account Ownership?

Transfer of the Ownership is simple. Go to Settings and click ‘User Management’. Only if you are an account owner you can view this option. The account should have at least one Active Super user to ‘Switch Ownership’. This opens the dialogue box.user-managementSelect a Super user from the list of Active super users.account-ownership-transferBy clicking the ‘Continue’ button, the user can transfer the account Ownership to the selected superuser.registered-usersAn email notification is sent to the Super User to whom the account ownership is transferred to.

Future Enhancement

Serverless360 has a very clear roadmap to add new features and enhance existing features. On that note, user management feature will have few more configuration blades where you can define namespace and module level access to your team members. For example, you can set a user to have access to only for a particular list of namespaces, then that user can have the access for those predefined namespaces. Other namespaces will not be visible to that user. By using this feature, you can restrict the user’s limitation based on their need and you can secure your production message details as well by seeing some other person.

Please let us know your valuable feedback or suggestions at Also, please share your ideas and what you would like to see in Serverless360 in future through this forum.

This article was originally published on Aug 30, 2017. It was most recently updated on Oct 4, 2023.

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