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Top 10 Azure Database Sessions at Microsoft Ignite 2019

4 Mins Read | Last modified on March 25th, 2022


With just a few more weeks left for Microsoft Ignite, its time for the attendees to tune out their schedule accordingly to catch a glimpse of some amazing sessions about to take place at the event. A couple of days back, we took some time to curate the top 10 not-to-miss Serverless sessions to be presented at the event and promised to cover another blog focusing on the sessions related to Azure Database. Well, we stand true to it and here’s a list of the Azure Database sessions below.

Sessions and Speakers

1. What’s the latest with Azure Cosmos DB

In this session, Andrew Liu is about to present demos of all the latest and greatest features launching for Azure Cosmos DB at Microsoft Ignite. These range from top requested features to new novel capabilities. You’ll definitely want to attend this session if you’re using, or are new to Azure Cosmos DB.

Speaker: Andrew Liu

Session Code: BRK2063

2. Data modelling and partitioning in Azure Cosmos DB: What every relational database user needs to know

For many newcomers to Azure Cosmos DB, the learning process starts with data modeling and partitioning. In this demo-filled session, Thomas Weiss discuss the strategies and thought process one should adopt for modeling and partitioning data effectively in Azure Cosmos DB.

Speaker: Thomas Weiss

Session Code: BRK3015

3. A developer’s guide to Azure Cosmos DB, from onboarding to going live in production

It’s never been a better time to be a developer on Azure Cosmos DB. In this practical, demo-heavy session, Deborah Chen is about to go through the developer journey end to end, all the way from loading data into Azure Cosmos DB to going live in production.

Speaker: Deborah Chen

Session Code: BRK3017

4. Multi-master and global distribution with Azure Cosmos DB

This session helps you understand how to design for high-availability in Microsoft Azure, and how to translate RPO and RTO to drive the design choices that must be made when building global applications in the cloud. If you build distributed applications for the cloud, this session is for you.

Speaker: Mark Brown

Session Code: BRK4000

5. Moving your database to Azure

Learn from Laurent Bugnion to migrate an on-premises MongoDB database to Azure Cosmos DB and SQL Server database to an Azure SQL Server. From there, walk through performing the migration and ensuring minimal downtime while you switch over to the cloud-hosted providers.

Speaker: Laurent Bugnion

Session Code: MOD20

6. Storing data in Azure

Jeramiah Dooley is all set to introduce the various storage options available on Azure, from blob to SQL databases. Learn about Azure Cosmos DB, a globally distributed, multi-model database, as well as SQL Data Warehouse and Data Factory.

Speaker: Jeramiah Dooley

Session Code: AFUN50

7. Azure SQL Database Managed Instance: A fully managed SQL Server in the cloud

Come and hear from Ajay Jagannathan, Borko Novakovic, and Oleg Stakhanov about the best practices of cloud migration, the latest enhancements of Azure SQL Database Managed Instance, and the future roadmap.

Speakers: Ajay Jagannathan, Borko Novakovic, Oleg Stakhanov

Session Code: BRK2010

8. Azure SQL Database: Maximizing cloud performance and availability

Take advantage of this session and learn best practices around how to select your Azure SQL database configuration that is optimized for a specific application pattern and how to maximize its performance and availability.

Speaker: Ajay Jagannathan

Session Code: BRK3027

9. Azure SQL Database serverless: Providing autoscaling and optimized price-performance for your database workloads

Join this session with Ajay Jagannathan to learn about using serverless in SQL Database and to save cost while achieving the desired performance.

Speaker: Ajay Jagannathan

Session Code: BRK2011

10. Azure SQL Database managed instance disaster recovery architecture best practices

During this session, learn the best practices on how to implement a disaster recovery architecture for Azure SQL Database managed instance using failover groups.

Speaker: Hugo Marques

Session Code: THR3097


These sessions are definitely something to look out for at the event! Also, get ready to be ignited by Serverless360 at Microsoft Ignite 2019. Yes, we are pleased to share the information that Serverless360 will be showcased at booth #1515 at the event and will be happy to meet you at the venue. Fill out this form here, so that we won’t miss you out in the crowd.

This article was originally published on Oct 8, 2019. It was most recently updated on Mar 25, 2022.

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