Azure Monitor alternatives

Dec 8

Best Alternatives to Azure Monitor

Introduction Due to rapid cloud adoption and with never-ending user requirements, the Azure architecture might become complex and you might eventually lose

By modhana
Important Ways to Regain Control of Azure Cost Management

Sep 2

Important Ways to Regain Control of Azure Cost Management

Introduction This blog will brief on vital ways to regain control of Azure cloud cost and to achieve cost optimization To start with, let us have a short

By Balasubramaniam Murugesan
Tracking Microsoft Flows using Serverless360 BAM

Aug 18

Monitoring Microsoft Flow Using Serverless360 BAM

Introduction Business Activity Monitoring in Serverless360 allows a user to track the business process that is executed in Microsoft Flow to solve a

By Ranjith Eswaran

Aug 12

An Efficient Way to Monitor Your Azure Application Status Proactively

Azure Serverless Azure has a variety of resources that facilitate onboarding our business from a native platform to the Cloud Comparatively, AIS (Azure

By Srihari Senthil
Application Insights logging

Aug 5

Winning with Application Insights Logging

Introduction This article will focus on using Azure Application Insights to monitor the real-world business apps Azure Application Insights is an Application

By Nishanth Prabhakaran
Azure web app endpoint monitoring

Jul 29

How to Monitor Azure Web App EndPoint via Microsoft and 3rd Party Technologies

Introduction The Azure portal has the capability for endpoint monitoring by continuously pinging the website and checking its status from different parts of

By Manikandan
Monitoring Durable Functions solutions with Serverless360

Jul 22

Monitoring Durable Functions with Solutions from Serverless360

Durable Functions Durable Function is an extension of Azure Functions which allows us to write stateful functions in serverless computing environments It

By Sowndarya Balakrishnan

Dec 29

Launching Serverless360 – Get started with a free account

Note: Serverless360 pricing has been revised in the subsequent upgrades For more information on the latest features and pricing, explore Serverless360

By Sriram Hariharan