5 Common Challenges User Face with Logic Apps

Sep 4

5 Common Challenges User Face with Logic Apps

Introduction Logic Apps are a gift to the integration of business scenarios as they are quite easy to understand and integrate with other systems but there

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Logic Apps Reliability, Performance and Availability

Jul 9

Logic Apps Reliability, Performance and Availability

Introduction It is highly essential to analyze the performance of your business application because when it doesn't perform in an optimum manner, it directly

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Understanding Logic App Components

Jun 23

Quick Start – Understanding Logic App Components

Introduction Logic Apps comprises a set of building blocks that work hand in hand for the construction of a process that would orchestrate integrations

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Integrate Remote 2020 banner - Messaging Patterns with Azure AIS

Jun 2

Azure Messaging Patterns with Azure AIS

This blog is the extraction of the final session of Integrate 2020 day -2 which is “Azure Messaging Patterns with Azure AIS” by our Azure MVP

By Nishanth Prabhakaran
Integrate Remote 2020 banner - Integration in Industry verticals

Jun 2

Integration in Industry Verticals

Introduction This blog is an extract of session “Integration in Industry Verticals” presented by Divya Swarnkar, Senior program manager at

By Nadeem Ahamed
Integrate Remote 2020 banner - AI-ML- Integration and Monitoring

Jun 2

Azure ML/AI Integration and Monitoring

Introduction This blog will give you an overview of the session “ML/AI, Integration and Monitoring” at the Integrate 2020 Remote event by

By Ranjith Eswaran

Jun 1

What our Integration Roadmap means for you

Matthew Farmer is a Senior Program Manager in Microsoft Azure, working in Logic Apps He has worked for Microsoft for 10 years, prior to joining the product

By Suhas Parameshwara
Integrate Remote 2020 banner - Keynote

Jun 1

Integrate 2020 Remote – Keynote

It is again the time of the year for the premier worldwide conference on Microsoft Integration technologies – INTEGRATE 2020 Due to COVID-19 situation,

By Arunkumar Kumaresan
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Jan 27

How to call deprecated connector actions on Logic Apps

You may know my series of blog posts about BizTalk Server Tips and Tricks that I normally write in the BizTalk360 blog Well, the goal of this Logic Apps Tips

By Sandro Pereira

Nov 29

Azure Logic App Expressions

This blog will brief on Azure Logic App Expressions Before getting deep into Logic App expressions let us have a short introduction about Workflow Definition

By Balasubramaniam Murugesan