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Shutting down app.servicebus360 portal

4 Mins Read | Last modified on October 4th, 2023


It’s here! Announcing the launch of our newly redesigned portal.

This blog is especially to our existing customers who use the old portal ( Since the release of ServiceBus360 in the summer of 2016, we have made 20 major releases to our SaaS platform. During these releases, we have rebranded the product from ServiceBus360 to Serverless360 (to cater service to a bigger audience base) and changed the portal URL from to However, still several of our early adaptors were using the old portal.

Last week we have made an interesting face-lift to the product and we have migrated all our customers using the old portal to the new portal. If you are one of our existing customer using the old portal your dashboard screen would be something like the below screenshot.


Serverless360 has come a long way since then, we have introduced the concept of Composite Applications (A logical container to manage and monitor your entire solution containing several Azure services like Service Bus, Event Hubs, Logic Apps, Functions, Event Grid effortlessly), In-depth tooling experience, increased user security and aesthetic UI. Here is your new look dashboard!

Serverless360 new portal

Key Benefits:

  1. Composite Application: Group all your siloed entities, from different Azure Resource Groups, Subscriptions, and Regions that participate in your Serverless Application in Serverless360 Composite Application to manage and monitor them all from one place.
  2. Consolidated Monitoring: Serverless360 offers 4 different types of monitors. All the 4 types of monitors can now accommodate multiple entities mapping.
    • Data Monitor to get notified on efficiency or reliability or consumption of the Azure entities by monitoring their extensive list of metrics.
    • Status Monitor to generate a report at specific times in a day representing the state of entities against the desired values.
    • Threshold Monitor to monitor your entities when certain properties violate desired values for a specified period say few seconds/minutes.
    • Watch Monitor to get notified in near real-time on the failure of associated Logic App or Azure Functions.
  3. Choice in Authentication Modes & Improved User Management: Along with the Basic authentication mode, you can integrate your organization Active Directory to Serverless360. Users in the associated Active Directory can be accessed in Serverless360. You can custom user role along with predefined roles like Administrator and Super User. A custom role can be created with a granular user access policy. Multiple users can be mapped on to a custom role.
  4. Expanded Spectrum: Started as a management and monitoring solution for Azure Service Bus, Serverless360 has now come a long way with capabilities to manage and monitor Event hubs, Relays, Logic Apps, Function Apps, Storage Queues, Storage Blobs, Storage Files, Event Grids, API endpoints. This list will be further expanded to Cosmos DB, SQL server in subsequent releases.
  5. Value Additions: Along with the above mentioned key capabilities, the new portal has got the following value additions:
    • Back up Service Bus message to Storage Account Blob
    • Upload multiple messages from Excel to Service Bus Queue or Topic
    • Download Governance & Audit report in Excel or PDF format

What will happen to my existing account?

All the things you could do in the old Portal are now accessible in the new portal. The old portal is shut down and re-directed to the new portal.

How does it affect you?

  1. Actually, it doesn’t. It simply upgrades you to the better platform.
  2. Are you paying for Namespace management? You don’t need to from now on.
  3. Are you seeing restrictions with the number of Composite Applications and Monitors? No more limits.
  4. Do you want to invite more team members? Absolutely no restrictions. Invite as many as you want to.
  5. You pay only for:
    • Number of entities you want to monitor and manage
    • Number of activities you want to configure and schedule

You don’t need to worry as you don’t see an impact on the ongoing usage. We will transition your accounts with the same paid subscriptions and set the limits according to your current usage. You will move to new pricing only if you want to make additional purchases. Our Customer Relationship Team will assist you with the best possible discounts for you to continue using the platform.

For more information

Start with the Getting Started documentation. If you have more questions send us an email at

We are excited about the update and the potential it holds for all the stakeholders.

This article was originally published on Nov 12, 2018. It was most recently updated on Oct 4, 2023.

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