Serverless360 – New features and Improvements release – Dec 02, 2017

|  Posted: December 6, 2017  |  Categories: Serverless360

After the launch of the revamped version of Serverless360 last month, we are excited to release the following features and enhancements – 

  1. Ability to Associate Namespaces using Connection String
  2. Ability to send messages to session enabled topic-subscriptions
  3. Auditing for Repair and Resubmitting Messages to Queue or Topic
  4. Ability to monitor multiple metrics in data monitoring

Let’s take a detailed look into these new features and enhancements.

Associate Namespaces using Connection String

Prior to launching the revamped Serverless360 portal, we used the mechanism of associating namespaces using a connection string. When we introduced the concept of Composite applications, we made the switch to using Service Principals to associate namespaces. 

Few of our customers still wanted to get started with associating their namespaces using connection strings instead of using the Azure Service Principal. Therefore, we brought back the concept of associating namespaces using the connection string in this version.

Now, you have both these capabilities to associate namespaces. Here’s how you can associate your namespaces using the connection string taken from Azure Portal.

ServiceBus360 Features - Associate namespaces using Connection Strings

Send messages to session enabled topic-subscriptions

You can now send messages to topic-subscriptions with the “session id” parameter. If in case you do not provide the session id parameter while sending the message, the message will automatically become dead-lettered.

ServiceBus360 Features - Send Messages with Session Id

ServiceBus360 Features - Messages with Session Id

Auditing for Repair and Resubmitting Messages to Queue or Topic

In the previous release, users had the capability to repair and resubmit messages back to the queue or topic. This activity got recorded in the Governance/Audit as a single activity under “Messaging” called “Message Resubmitted”. In this release, we improved the functionality for the audit log to reflect the old message, the newly modified message, and the status will now reflect as the message was “Repaired and resubmitted” back to the queue/topic.

Messages Repaired and Resubmitted from xxx : ——— To yyy : ———

ServiceBus360 Features - Repair and Resubmit

Monitor multiple metrics in Data Monitoring

You can now configure multiple metrics in a single data monitor configuration. For example, if you want to measure the count of runs started, runs failed and runs successfully in a single data monitor configuration, you can now set up this configuration in ServiceBus360. Another classic example could be measuring the runs successful, trigger count and the total billable trigger executions in a single logic app data monitor configuration.

ServiceBus360 Features - Data Monitoring

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