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Significance of Serverless360 Home Dashboard


In this blog post, I would like to explain about the Dashboard section. After the initial the product launch, we went back to the drawing board again to understand the user experience and make necessary changes to the dashboard to provide a holistic view of the namespaces that are associated with Serverless360.

We wanted to display all the related information in an individual pane for each associated namespace. Each pane will have the high-level details of the namespace and a graphical view of the alarms status mapped with the namespaces.Dashboard-Screen

In-depth view to namespace pane 


  1. Namespace Name – Displays the friendly name that is used during Namespace Association to identify the namespace within Serverless360
  2. Import entities – You can import namespace entities using the XML file exported from Service Bus Explorer. Entities can be imported from one namespace to the other, that are mapped in Serverless360. For more detail refer this blog – Import Entities from one Service Bus Namespace to another made easy
  3. Edit Namespace – A simple shortcut to navigate to edit the namespace details
  4. Remove Namespace Association – Click this icon to remove the namespace association from the Serverless360. This namespace can no longer be managed through Serverless360.
  5. Namespace Details – Displays information such as Namespace name (as reflected in Azure portal), Type (Messaging/Relay/Event Hubs), and current status of the Namespace (Available/Namespace not found in Azure i.e. the associated namespace not available to be managed through Serverless360 due to reasons like – namespace deleted from Azure Subscription or Subscription blocked due to insufficient credits etc )
  6. Entities – Displays the number of entities available in the namespace and click the numbers you can navigate to the Manage Entities section
  7. Alarms – Displays number of alarm configured and status of each alarm. With this, the user can easily identify which alarm is healthy/Error/Warning/Disabled/Not mapped.
  8. Manage Namespace – By clicking this button you can navigate to the respective namespace to manage and monitor the same

Other Significant features accessible from Home Dashboard

You can access to any section inside Serverless360 from the Home Dashboard in just a click away. In the top navigation bar, you can view:

  • Current License Plan, you can click Change Plan to upgrade from one license plan to another
  • Shortcuts to Notification, Announcement, and Setting sections
  • The User Profile section displays the logged in user name and the options to make profile changes, change password, contact support, read product documentation, even submit your ideas to the development team, and log out from the application

Governance Audit is a simple shortcut to Governance Audit section to track the Operation History, Activity History and Alert History in Serverless360.

Using In-App Chat you can now reach out to our support team through an in-app chat platform by clicking the ‘Talk To Us’ bottom.

From the main dashboard, you can navigate to associate namespaces using the Associate Namespace button to start adding a new Azure Namespace Association, Refresh button to refresh the Serverless360 dashboard to reflect the latest data, Timer to automatically refresh the Serverless360 dashboard. The dashboard automatically refreshes every 60 seconds and namespace pane shows the latest information related to all associated namespace. Isn’t cool?

If you’re using Azure Service Bus, I would recommend you to try Serverless360 to manage and monitor your entities. The workaround with the Home Dashboard and if you feel that we have missed any information feel free to send your ideas or contact our support team through the In-App Chat or email us at support@serverless360.com.