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Serverless360 Private Hosting – General Availability

Last updated on: March 26, 2018

At Serverless360, we are riding high for past few weeks. We’re excited to launch General Availability of Serverless360 Private Hosting – fully hosted and executed in your environment.

Why Serverless360 Private Hosting

Last year, we launched SaaS version of Serverless360 which gained very good acceptance and we are thankful to our continuing customers. As we took this version to market, we understood it is segmented into two – those organizations who prefer SaaS model is easy to adopt and manage. There are enterprises who still liked the product but that SaaS model won’t simply satisfy their IT policies. Hence, we decided to build Private Hosting capability and now Serverless360 is available in two flavors – SaaS & Private Hosting.

Features included in this release

What you’ll see in this version is to manage and monitor Azure Service Bus Messaging capabilities via Serverless360 hosted from your infrastructure. This will include features like:

  1. Composite Applications
  2. Message Retrieval and Processing
  3. CRUD Operations
  4. Monitoring and Notification
  5. Governance Audit
  6. User Management

View Release Notes and Product Documentation for Private Hosting. Get your 30 days free trial today!

Author: Mohan Nagaraj

Mohan as a Product Marketing Executive is responsible for Product messaging and positioning, Sales Enablement, Market, customer, and competitive analysis. He combines his passion for business, technology, and writing to spread the word about Serverless360. Mohan is responsible to work with cross-functional teams to visualize and create product documentation and marketing content. He feels writing is so much fun and it is satisfying to capture the company’s soul & passion and make it live through documentation.