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Serverless360 BAM 2.0: Introduction – Webinar Spoiler

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Integrate 2019 introduced Business Activity Monitoring in Serverless360 as a preview feature. With all learning acquired by implementing version 1.0 of BAM for a hand full of customers and Azure experts, we have now come up with the improved version 2.0 of BAM in Serverless360!

As we observe the integration scenarios of today, they span across boundaries which indeed help us build complex business applications at ease but invites its own challenges. The key challenge being lack of end-to end visibility on the message flowing through the business transactions. When a transaction fail, it’s hard for the business users to understand where the failure occurred and the reason behind the failure. The simplest example could be “Where is the booking confirmation?” in a very familiar Cab Booking Application.

To address this challenge, organizations will attempt to build a custom logging solution with web dashboards. These solutions often turn out to be premature as it requires enormous time and effort of skilled resources to build an enterprise- grade tracking/monitoring solutions.

Serverless360 BAM can address this challenge by reducing the total effort on instrumenting the business application to provide end to end visibility on the message flowing through various services of the business application involving Azure entities.

In comparison to the BAM 1.0, BAM 2.0 comes with considerable improvements with respect to the following:

  1. Usability
  2. Reliability
  3. Security
  4. Cost efficiency
  5. Performance

Why Attend Serverless360 BAM 2.0 Webinar?

In this webinar, listen to our experts, Michael Stephenson, Microsoft Azure Integration MVP and Bart Scheurweghs, Senior Integration Architect – as they demonstrate how to start from zero and become a hero in managing your business processes using BAM 2.0 in Serverless360. This session will cover the following key concepts of BAM 2.0:

  1. Business Process Configuration
  2. Implementing BAM 2.0
  3. Getting business value out of BAM 2.0

Implement BAM 2.0 and improve efficiency of your business users. Lower the total cost of ownership by enabling your operations and support team with adequate information to better support the Serverless Application in production. With no further delay, register for this webinar to acquire knowledge on Serverless360 BAM 2.0.

This webinar will be live on 26 February, 10 AM GMT London. So, make sure to save your spot as soon as possible! And, if you think you cannot attend the session at the specified time, no worries! Go ahead and register, we make sure to send you the link for the session’s recording 😊.