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Top 10 Serverless Sessions at Microsoft Ignite 2019

4 Mins Read | Last modified on July 14th, 2023

Microsoft Ignite sessions

If you are the person who is looking forward on getting as much information as possible on Microsoft Azure offerings then Microsoft Ignite 2019 is the perfect spot for you! We took this time to curate some eye-opening sessions from the event focusing on the Azure Serverless technology stack. So, here’s a countdown of the top 10 Serverless sessions to watch out at Microsoft Ignite 2019. Take a look as it might help you curate your watch list.

Sessions and Speakers

1. Figuring out Azure Functions

Azure Functions, and Serverless Computing, in general, is designed to accelerate and simplify application development. This session covers the world of Azure Functions, starting with an explanation of the servers behind Serverless, exploring the languages and integrations available, and ending with a demo of when to use Logic Apps and Microsoft Flow.

Speaker: Frank Boucher

Session Code: AFUN95

2. Build Python apps in Azure faster with Visual Studio Code

Here is a session you definitely need to stay on top of! It helps you walk through how to use Visual Studio Code and Microsoft Azure to supercharge your Python development and build powerful applications in the cloud.

Speaker: Nicolas Garfinkel

Session Code: BRK3068

3. IoT loves Azure Functions! What is your experience with Serverless and IoT?

Serverless and IoT is a great combination, but depending on the architecture used it can be still better. What is your opinion about that? Best practices and approaches to use Serverless on IoT projects is the main idea of this session, but in a collaborative way.

Speakers: Jorge Maia, Armando Lacerda

Session Code: UNC1033

4. Building enterprise capable Serverless applications

If you don’t go to this, then I am not sure the Serverless track is for you. Go over details of enterprise scenarios, such as resource automation, highlighting premium capabilities in Azure Functions and other Azure services through this session.

Speaker: Eduardo Laureano

Session Code: BRK3063

5. Building event driven apps with Azure Cosmos DB and Azure Functions

Users expect modern apps to offer event-driven, real-time experiences. In this demo-packed session, learn how to build event-driven apps using Azure Cosmos DB and Azure Functions.

Speaker: Tim Sander

Session Code: BRK3016

6. Serverless Kubernetes with Azure Functions and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

This session showcases how Virtual Nodes, KEDA, and powerful tooling allow you to bring event-driven Azure Functions and containers to your Azure Kubernetes clusters for a flexible and productive app experience.

Speakers: Ria Bhatia, Jeff Hollan

Session Code: THR3127

7. API management for microservices in a hybrid and multi-cloud world

Join Tom Kerkhove as he walks through demo after demo on how he helps enterprises make the transition to API-first architectures and microservices in a hybrid, multi-cloud world.

Speaker: Tom Kerkhove

Session Code: BRK3062

8. Building resilient applications in Azure

Take advantage of this session and learn how to easily build applications in Azure that are inherently resilient.

Speaker: Igal Figlin

Session Code: BRK3129

9. Reducing time to development of SAP solutions by 100x with Azure Logic Apps

Jon Fancey from Logic Apps team is about to highlight a new SAP connector that helps companies easily integrate with the ERP systems that are key to the day-to-day success of their business. With this connector, implementations that use to take months, now only take days, or even hours!

Speaker: Jon Fancey

Session Code: THR3126

10. Logic Apps in the real world for organizations large and small

In this session, the team talks about two of their recent engagements: the first is a new solution for a charitable organization and the second a replacement solution for a large retailer.

Speaker: Rik Hepworth

Session Code: BRK2095


Hope you folks find these Azure Serverless Sessions helpful! Watch out this space as we will be covering another blog focusing on the sessions related to Azure Cosmos DB and Azure SQL Database at Microsoft Ignite 2019 pretty soon.

We also would like to share that Serverless360 team will be at Microsoft Ignite 2019 at Booth #1515. We will be happy to meet you at the event. Fill out this form here, so that we won’t miss you out in the crowd.

This article was originally published on Oct 7, 2019. It was most recently updated on Jul 14, 2023.

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