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Refreshing UI to know what’s happening in Serverless360


Serverless360 is a SaaS platform providing efficient Operations, Monitoring and Analytics capabilities for Microsoft Azure Service Bus.  In this blog post, I would like to explain the newly redesigned Announcement section in Serverless360. In the latest release, we have given a refreshing UI for this section that gives a better accessibility and readability to the latest articles published in websites related to Serverless360.

We wanted to provide easy access to the users about product updates, latest enhancements within the application itself. Initially, We intend to list application related articles from Serverless360 blog website. Serverless360 blog is built on WordPress. Usually, the WordPress site provides all data through WP-REST API. Therefore, we can access the API and manipulate the data to make it available in the Announcements section.

How to access Announcements section?

In order to, access the Announcement section, you must first create an account in Serverless360 portal. Once you have your account active, log into the portal to view the dashboard page. As shown below, the Dashboard is the first screen that a user lands on every login.announcement-01(1)From the dashboard click the  announcement-02  icon on the top right corner of the screen to navigate to Announcements Section.

(Note: ServiceBus360 has been re-branded as Serverless360)Product-Notification

In-depth view of Announcement section

In this section, you have other easy options to manage the display of article list by using the filter, view read/unread announcement in a nice UI that will intimate to you.

  1. Filter – You can easily navigate to your desired topic based on your preference. We have 3 different filter options like random search toolbar, based on the predefined category and type.
  2. Read/Unread – Depicts whether you have read this announcement already! This will easily help you to spot on any new additions to the section
  3. Read More – Click the read more button to navigate to more details about the selected announcement.

If you’re using Azure Service Bus, I would recommend you to Try Serverless360 for free as an efficient tool to manage and monitor your entities. Try it out and write to us your valuable feedback or suggestions at support@serverless360.com.