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INTEGRATE 2016 – Microsoft Flow: First hand experience

INTEGRATE 2016 had the biggest representation from Microsoft Product Group making new announcements, briefing their Vision and Roadmap for Integration and

Arunkumar Kumaresan
19 May 2016

Updates on Azure Service Bus – INTEGRATE 2016 Day 2

BizTalk Summit in London only got bigger and better this year as INTEGRATE 2016 Microsoft usually has very little representation for integration topics at

Arunkumar Kumaresan
13 May 2016

Azure Logic Apps Monthly Update – April 2016

The Azure Logic Apps team conducted their ninth monthly Google Hangout session on April 7, 2016 The team has been very busy lately to take the product to GA,

Sriram Hariharan
11 Apr 2016

Azure Logic Apps Monthly Update – February 2016

The Azure logic apps team conducted their eighth monthly Google Hangout session on February 25, 2016 The session kicked off with the latest improvements that

Sriram Hariharan
03 Mar 2016

What is Azure Event Hub? – A Detailed Overview

For the past few months, I got hooked up with BizTalk360 and isolated myself from any deep technology learning Now, BizTalk360 version 80 is out of my way the

Saravana Kumar
07 Feb 2016

Azure Logic Apps Monthly Update – November 2015

In a community-driven approach from Microsoft, the monthly Google Hangout session from the Azure Logic Apps team - sixth in the series - happened on December

Sriram Hariharan
08 Dec 2015

Azure Logic Apps Monthly Update – October 2015

In one of our earlier blog post, we mentioned how Microsoft is taking the effort to shape a community-driven approach by organizing a monthly "Google Hangout

Sriram Hariharan
30 Oct 2015
Logic-apps-monthly-update (3)

Azure Logic Apps Monthly Update – September 2015

In a community-driven approach from Microsoft, the Azure Logic Apps team have been conducting a "Google Hangout session" every month to let the community stay

Sriram Hariharan
28 Sep 2015

Azure Service Bus Premium Messaging Capabilities

With Integration Monday gaining a wider audience reach, we thought it would be apt to get some sessions from the Product Group guys to let the community know

Sriram Hariharan
13 Sep 2015