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Introducing Notification Channels in Serverless360

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Introducing notification Channels in Serverless360

Notification channels are the very easiest way to get the Serverless360 monitoring alerts to external services. The user can connect their services like Microsoft Teams, Slack, PagerDuty and SMTP to receive an alert from the Serverless360 monitoring system.

In the earlier release, we provided Email channel as default to send an alert. We came to know some of our customers use Slack and Microsoft Teams and they felt that if Serverless360 could provide any integration to these external platforms, so we designed the architecture to handle the notifications where we will be including more channels to send alerts to their external services by doing very minimal configuration.

Going further I assume that you have signed up with Serverless360 and have an account already.

Let us discuss what are all the external notification services supported in Serverless360 and how can we receive alerts in them.

Microsoft Teams

You can get alerts from the Serverless360 monitoring system to your Microsoft Teams by configuration WebHook URI. Webhook is an HTTP callback; an HTTP POST that occurs when something happens. In our case, we will be sending messages when the monitoring alert triggers. Please read this to get the WebHook URI from your Microsoft Teams.



Slack configuration is same as Microsoft Teams. You can get an alert by configuring the WebHook URI. Please read this to get the WebHook URI from your slack channel.



You can get incident raised in your PagerDuty channels when there is any down time in your namespace and that incident will be resolved automatically when the situation is back to normal. PagerDuty configuration can be done by using integration key. Please read this to get the Integration key of your service.



You can send alerts as email by configuring your SMTP channel. This is in addition to the SMTP Email channel provided by Serverless360 by default. Some customer prefers sending emails through their servers. To configure SMTP channel, you should have SMTP server name and its port number for that server. Please read this to know some popular server details.


Enable notification channels in alarm

Enable the channels in alarm section to get an alert from the Serverless360 monitoring system to your services.



Once you created the alarm with notification channel, then configure that alarm with entities like queue or topic that you want to monitor through these alarms.  The monitoring system will be sending an alert based on the alarm time scheduling.  Please see the monitoring alerts

Microsoft Teams








Alert History

You can verify whether your notifications are sent or not, view the content of the alerts and exceptions (if any error occurred while sending the alert).



We hope this will be one of the most useful features to the Serverless360 customers. In future, we will be adding more channels to make it more efficient for the customers. Why don’t you try Serverless360 free account to manage and monitor your Azure Service Bus Namespaces?

Watch our video on Monitoring & Notification Channels.