Migrating Namespace Connection Strings from Service Bus Explorer to ServiceBus360

Service Bus Explorer is a popular tool used by many Azure Service Bus customers. We are positioning ServiceBus360 as a simple but reliable tool for performing operations, monitoring and analytics on Azure Service Bus entities (Queues, Topics), Relays and Event Hubs. Service Bus Explorer, being a desktop application, has its own limitations like sending messages and events, customers can use ServiceBus360 to overcome these limitations.

This blog content explains about migrating the Namespaces connection strings that are used with Service Bus Explorer to ServiceBus360 within minutes.

Getting Started

Once the user completes the signup process in ServiceBus360, the user will be greeted by a welcome message or an instruction page.

servicebus360 signup

After clicking the “GET STARTED” or “IMPORT NAMESPACES” link, the page containing the options for importing and associating the namespace will appear.

initially no namespaces associated in servicebus360


Associate Namespace option allows the user to associate a Service Bus Namespace with ServiceBus360 using primary or secondary connection string from Shared Access Key property that can be retrieved from the Azure portal.


Browse and upload the file “ServiceBusExplorer.exe.config” in the folder containing the Service Bus Explorer executable. This file contains the connection details of the Namespaces managed through Service Bus Explorer.

After adding the configuration file, the Namespaces stored in Service Bus Explorer configuration file will be listed as below

exporting namespaces fron service bus explorer to servicebus360 

Among the Namespaces listed, the user can select the Namespaces that need to be associated with ServiceBus360. The user also needs to specify the type of the Namespaces based on the Azure Namespace Separation, and Import the Namespaces.

exporting namespaces fron service bus explorer to servicebus360

After importing the Namespaces, the status of each Namespace Association will be displayed.

exporting namespaces fron service bus explorer to servicebus360

Once the namespaces connection strings are imported, when the user navigates to the home dashboard, the details of the namespaces associated with ServiceBus360 are displayed.

 exporting namespaces fron service bus explorer to servicebus360

By clicking the “MANAGE NAMESPACE”, the user can start managing the entities (Queues, Topics, Relays, Event Hubs) based on the type of the namespace.

 exporting namespaces fron service bus explorer to servicebus360

Thus, we have made migration of connection strings from Service Bus Explorer to ServiceBus360, a very easy and simple one. By associating the Namespaces, the user can start managing the Namespaces with advanced monitoring, operations and analytic features available in ServiceBus360.