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Managing Messaging, Relay and Event Hubs Entities using Serverless360

Azure Relay

Serverless360 is a platform, which provides Operations, Monitoring and Analytical capabilities on Azure Service Bus Entities. Even though User can perform CRUD operations (Create, Delete, Read & Update) with the Service Bus entities through the Azure portal, there are some limitations. The >Azure portal allows you to provide a limited number of properties at the time of creating and updating the entities. Serverless360 allows the User to configure all the editable properties of the entities.

Service Bus Messaging Entities:

You can use Serverless360 to create and manage Azure Service Bus messaging entities (queues and topics).Service Bus Messaging EntityUser can provide the following values while creating the Messaging Entities,Service Bus Messaging Entity

Creating Queues:

To create entities under any Namespace associated in Serverless360, click “Create” link in the entities listing page and fill in basic configurations.creating-service-bus-queues

Creating Topics:creating-topics
create-topic-subscriptionsDuring the creation, we have a section called ‘User Description’. Here a user provides a valid reason for why the entity has been created and the purpose of the entity.

Updating Entities:

To Update Azure Entities, Properties of an entity can be viewed by clicking ‘context menu’ on the right side and then choose ‘Properties’ from the menu.

Here the properties will be listed for selected entity. We are splitting properties as ‘Editable’ and ‘Non-Editable’ properties. When the user clicks ‘Edit’, the user can edit the properties.

azure-queue-propertiesSame as Creation, we have a section called ‘Reason for modification’ while Updating the entities so that, other users can easily identify the valid reason for why the entities would be modified.


In Serverless360, user can only create ‘WCF’ relays with the types ‘NetTcp’ and ‘Http’ but you can associate ‘Hybrid Connections’

Create Relay Entities:

You can use Serverless360 to create and manage Azure Relay entities.


In relays, you cannot modify any properties once you created.

Event Hubs:

Azure Event hub is handling an event based messaging at huge scale. In Event Hubs, you can define consumer groups which allow you to read the stream of events.  If you only need one receiver to read the stream then you can use the default consumer group, but if you need multiple receivers to read the stream concurrently but at their own rate then each receiver would use its own consumer group.

Create Event Hub Entities:

You can use Serverless360 to create and manage Azure Event Hub entities.manage-Azure-Event-Hub-entities-with-Serverless360

Message Retention in Days:

By default, you can set retention period between 1-7 days. This property is to ensure that the events are available for the specific time. (i.e.) the events stay in the hub until it expires.

Partition Count:

Partition Count is the scale unit. For each partition, you’ll also need a dedicated worker process and a partition should be processed by a single worker process.partition-count

Updating Entities:

Same as Messaging Entities by clicking ‘Properties’ from the ‘Context menu’ you can modify the Event Hub properties.event-hub-properties

Deleting Entities:

In Serverless360, a user can delete all types of entities except relay ‘Hybrid Connections’.

Here the user can delete entities one at a time or as a bulk, the entities will be deleted from the azure namespace permanently.Deleting-EntityAll the above operations will be tracked under Governance and Audit-Operation History. Here you can view the reason for creating/updating/deleting the entity, which user performed the operation and the timestamp.Deleting-EntitiesAudit details can be viewed by clicking on the info icon on the right of every record.Governance-and-Audit-activities

If you’re using Azure Service Bus namespace, Serverless360 provide the easiest way to perform all CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) operations and Monitoring the Azure Service Bus Entities. 

Please write your valuable feedback or suggestions to us at support@Serverless360.com.