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INTEGRATE 2022 Session Spoiler (Part 3)

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INTEGRATE 2022 is fast approaching, and the speaker onboarding process is quickly getting wrapped up. So, here is a sneak-peak at what each speaker will cover in their respective sessions. But wait, wouldn’t it be more exciting if we could directly hear that from the speakers themselves?

Knowing that we have been releasing a series of session spoiler blogs at frequent intervals. Check out Part 1 and Part 2 with spoilers straight from Microsoft Product Group members and Microsoft MVPs.

No different this time; we are again coming back with spoilers from Michael Stephenson, Mattias Logdberg and Sandro Pereira.    

Michael Stephenson – Automated Testing of Logic Apps

How do I do automated testing of Logic Apps is one of the common and challenging areas for integration development. In this session, we will look at some techniques and tips that can help you develop real-world solutions that are easier to maintain and developed to a higher quality level.

Mattias Logdberg – Build and Release it all

As integration developers, we build more services than any other team; we also want to have as little maintenance as possible. This could mean it takes years before we come back and revisit something we built. At that time, we really want to have that deep understanding and confidence to make the change swiftly without spending a lot of investigation.

One of these parts helping us get a rapid view of what we need to do is the Build and Release process; if it is a good one, we can be confident in our work, and if it is a mix of releases and manual tasks, it can be a pain. In this session, let's look into the key components in a great release setup.

Sandro Pereira – Building Hybrid Integration Solutions with BizTalk Server 2020

We live in the age of fast digital transformation. Different emerging services appear extremely fast (on-premises, cloud-based, IoT, etc.), resulting in a more heterogeneous IT architecture. A company can rarely choose only one direction, e.g., totally move to the cloud or retain 100% on-premises. Even addressing a cloud strategy, it is not always possible to migrate everything from one day to the next or at the intended pace.

However, when we have this heterogeneous landscape composed of different legacy and modern systems, tools, vendors, and technologies, we often face difficulties bringing all of these systems and tools together to interact with each other to create the concept of a single production system. Hence, the strategy of hybrid integration appeared. This session discusses some of the scenarios and how we can achieve amazing hybrid integrations.

Why should I attend INTEGRATE 2022?

All Microsoft events, such as Ignite, Inspire, Build, etc., cover a wide range of technologies, which can be overwhelming to some extent, whereas INTEGRATE 2022 caters largely to those who are interested in Microsoft Integration space.

Further, if you have a keen interest in BizTalk Server or Azure cloud, then you cannot afford to miss INTEGRATE 2022, as it’s your best chance to keep up with the pace in the ever-changing technology world.

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Mar 24, 2022