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INTEGRATE 2022 Session Spoiler (Part 2)

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We are glad to announce that the speakers for INTEGRATE 2022 are almost confirmed. So to give you a glimpse of what to expect from their sessions, we recently launched a blog series.

Here is the PART 1 with spoilers from Samuel Kastberg, Toon Vanhooute and Dan Toomey. And guess what? We have got you a few more session spoilers from our speakers themselves! But if you are relatively new to INTEGRATE, then this piece of information is for you.

INTEGRATE 2022 is a 3-day conference that brings together the members of the Microsoft Product Group and MVPs every year to help the community stay on top of the latest happenings in the integration world.

Now check out what our speakers have to say!

Steef-Jan Wiggers – Unlock Dynamics365 with Azure Integrating Services

Microsoft offers Dynamics as a line of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) software applications. It is available for different verticals such as manufacturing, retail, and financial services.

In recent years, many organizations have moved to the cloud with their applications and data or will move in the wake of COVID-19. Moreover, organizations that have moved to the cloud are now discovering that as you adopt more cloud technology, the need for integration between those systems increases.

This also applies to organizations that leverage Dynamics365 and need to communicate to other systems to support their business processes.

Unlocking Dynamics365 in the cloud to enable communication with various other systems requires services available in Azure like Logic Apps and Functions. Furthermore, other aspects like volume, frequency, governance, monitoring, security, and deployments should be considered as well.

Thus, in this session, I will share my experience of unlocking Dynamics365 leveraging Azure Integration Services to exchange data with other systems. In addition, I will share pitfalls and lessons learned.

Alessandro Moura – DevOps with Azure Integration Services

In this session, I'll show some of the best practices I have been using to deploy Azure Integration Services components. It will cover Logic Apps Consumption and Standard, Function Apps, API Management, Event Hubs and Event Grid as well as connections of connectors.

Stephen W Thomas – Getting Started Migrating from BizTalk to Azure

In this session, I will walk you through the driving factors around migrating from BizTalk to Azure, analysing various migration scenarios along with the core Azure Services that should be understood when looking at starting any Azure Integration solution.

Wagner Silveira – Low code – pro code unite

Empowering any individual to be a part of the integration journey, from pro IT developers exposing backend systems with APIs to citizen developers consuming those APIs in low code frontends.

Why should I attend INTEGRATE 2022?

All Microsoft events, such as Ignite, Inspire, Build, etc., cover a wide range of technologies, which can be overwhelming to some extent, whereas INTEGRATE 2022 caters largely to those who are interested in Microsoft Integration space.

Further, if you have a keen interest in BizTalk Server or Azure cloud, then you cannot afford to miss INTEGRATE 2022, as it’s your best chance to keep up with the pace in the ever-changing technology world.

We have Early Bird tickets on sale! Grab the offer before April 15th!

We'll be releasing a series of blogs with engaging session spoilers, stay tuned!


Mar 17, 2022