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INTEGRATE 2022 Session Spoiler (Part 1)

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INTEGRATE is a 3-day conference that brings together the members of the Microsoft Product Group and MVPs every year to help the community stay on top of the latest happenings in the integration world.

Last year we had a Remote session due to pandemic, and that was a massive hit. But we do have much more excitement waiting for you in 2022!

This year’s INTEGRATE will be a hybrid conference (Remote + London), which means you can now directly connect with your peers. We are already in the process of onboarding speakers from around the globe and almost finalized the agenda.

Hear right from the speakers what they will cover in their respective sessions!

Samuel Kasterberg – Managing the lifecycle of your Logic Apps (Standard)

Logic Apps (Standard) has been generally available for a while, new built-in connectors are added like the one for Cosmos DB, and more features are coming. One of the challenges when starting with something new is its lifecycle.

In this session, I will showcase the Logic Apps (Standard) lifecycle, which is more than getting your workflows in place in your own App Service Plan.

I will also investigate a couple of different perspectives like,

  • Creating the app service plan and other resources using Bicep
  • Handling connections for Built-In connectors
  • Handling managed connectors (Azure)
  • Azure DevOps to handle building and releasing

Dan Toomey – Data Mapping in the Microsoft Cloud

Data transformation is a key capability of any mature integration platform. The same data may be represented in completely different ways across systems and domains. BizTalk Server provided one of the most intuitive and powerful XML-based mapping tools in the market – but how do to handle other common message formats like JSON or CSV?

This session walks you through several options for performing data mapping in Microsoft Azure, including cloud-hosted BizTalk Maps, Liquid Templates, and more. I will also show a great tool for documenting this transformation.

Toon Vanhoutte – My 10 favourite Azure API Management tips and tricks!

During many Azure API Management implementations, I’ve learned a lot. This session aims to bundle that experience in a demo-packed talk that covers many tips and tricks on monitoring, security, routing, governance, and DevOps. I hope to see you there!?

Why should I attend INTEGRATE 2022?

All Microsoft events, such as Ignite, Inspire, Build, etc., cover a wide range of technologies, which can be overwhelming to some extent, whereas INTEGRATE 2022 caters largely to those who are interested in Microsoft Integration space.

Further, if you have a keen interest in BizTalk Server or Azure cloud, then you cannot afford to miss INTEGRATE 2022, as it’s your best chance to keep up with the pace in the ever-changing technology world.

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We’ll be releasing a series of blogs with engaging session spoilers, stay tuned!


Feb 23, 2022