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Innovate, Design & Build in Microsoft Azure Serverless – Webinar Spoiler

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When the enterprises are moving to Microsoft Azure, they will slowly increase their Serverless stacks as per the project’s need. When the time goes, there will be various Integrations with thousands of Azure resources which are hard to manage and monitor using Azure Portal. Consider a developer or support person to traverse through different subscriptions and resource groups to get metadata of resources. 

To avoid this cumbersome, enterprises would need best practices to manage and monitor the Azure Serverless Services in an efficient way. It is also equally important to place better tools to reduce the total cost of ownership on Azure Serverless Integrations. Even a Support person should have better accessibility to the resources.

Why This Webinar?

In this Free Webinar, we shall see how to Innovate, Design, and Build in Azure Serverless with Realtime Business Scenarios and uncover the possibilities of better organize, manage, and monitor the Serverless Integrations using tools like Serverless360.

Join this upcoming webinar on March 18th, 2021 at 10 AM GMT. Grab your slot now!

And, if you think you cannot attend the session at the specified time, no worries! Go ahead and register, we make sure to send you the link for the session’s recording.