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How special was 2018 for Serverless360?


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How special was 2018 for Serverless360?

As we look back, 2018 indeed had been a very special year for Serverless360. We had gracefully crossed the milestones that we planned for at the beginning of the year. In fact, much more than what was planned. It’s worth to take some time to compile the key milestones and also record the thanks to those who had been an integral part of this journey.

Private Hosting

It was at the beginning of 2018, Serverless360 was made available also as a private hosted solution. Government organizations, Health care sectors had restrictions on consuming SaaS product. Hence, we introduced the choice in hosting between SaaS and Private Hosted solution in January 2018.

Private Hosted solution can be hosted in an on-premise system or in a cloud virtual machine. Serverless360 Private Hosted solution is also available in the Azure Market Place. This is a tailor-made solution exclusively for organizations with strict security policies, restricting them from using a SaaS solution hosted in West Europe.

Rebranding from ServiceBus360 to Serverless360

Serverless360 was initially created as a tool to manage and monitor Azure Service Bus entities, hence it was called as ‘ServiceBus360’. Above all, we identified the gaps in the Azure portal in managing Azure Service Bus entities and addressed those gaps with better tools operational capabilities. Later, we expanded our spectrum to include management and consolidated monitoring for almost all Serverless offerings, Logic Apps, Function Apps, Event Grid, Event Hubs, Relays, API endpoints.

ServiceBus360 to Serverless360

It was a collective decision to rebrand ServiceBus360 to Serverless360, to convey the scope of the product much better in the market. In Integrate 2018, Saravana announced the rebranding and Serverless360 evolved as a one platform solution to manage and monitor Azure Serverless Applications. As expected, this rebranding did invite more customers to Serverless360.

Serverless360 2.0

One of the major milestones we achieved in 2018, was ‘the bigger and better, Serverless360, 2.0′. That was a major release with a great set of features and improvements in performance and usability across the application. All our efforts started paying off when this version of Serverless360 was very well received in the product webinar, which also invited new customers.

In 2018, Private Hosted solution had 8 key releases. In the case of SaaS, the release cycle is quite aggressive, we release as and when a feature is production ready. However, the usual frequency being biweekly.


Thanks to our Customers

We are closing this year with a handful of happy customers. It is a great feeling to know our product solves the real-time critical challenges of our customers. The way Serverlss360 had now evolved is certainly with the valuable feedback from our customers. We are committed to ensuring customer delight in the future too. At this juncture, we like to thank all our customers for their continued support.

Thanks to our Influencers

This year, we started publishing interesting blogs and white papers. Thanks to our influencers and MVP’S – Steef-Jan Wiggers, Sean Feldman, Eldert Grootenboer, Michael Stephenson, Sandro Pereira, Kent Weare & Daniel Toomey writing to our blog platform or presenting our product in various meetups, besides their busy schedule. Their contributions are found valuable in the community and also help promote our product and brand.

Thanks to the entire team

It would be incomplete without mentioning the young and energetic team behind Serverelss360. The development team had been committed to adding valuable capabilities, at best quality, at a regular pace, into the product. Similarly, the marketing team had put their best efforts in taking the product to the Customers. The Customer Relationship Team takes care of extending all needed support to our Customers.

We all work with a single goal of, Excellence in delivering Serverless360, as a single platform solution to manage and monitor Azure Serverless Applications, hence making the life of Azure Serverless users much better. Together we would be adding, more exciting, customer obsessive capabilities in Serverless360.

What to expect in 2019?

The new year seems to be more promising for us. Observing the industries gearing up for a Serverless era, we are all set to bring in features in Serverless360 those would complement the Azure portal. Below are few worth mentioning 

  • End to End monitoring for Serverless Applications
  • Enriched Composite Application dashboard
  • Enhanced Event Hub management and monitoring
  • Cosmos Db monitoring
  • Azure SQL server monitoring
  • Activities to auto clean Storage Account blob
  • Enhanced Service Bus management

We’d love to know your feedback and suggestions, please write at https://feedback.serverless360.com/feature-request

We wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2019!

Author: Ezhilarasi Chezhiyan

Ezhilarasi Chezhiyan, Technical Lead for the product, Serverless360, at Kovai Systems India Pvt Ltd. She has over 8 years of experience in Software development with knowledge spectrum spread across various domains. Problem-solving is her passion and she believes in the quote by Albert Einstein- "Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death"