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Governance and Audit feature in ServiceBus360

In ServiceBus360, we can create, delete and edit entities. While doing those operations on the entities, the Governance and Audit feature captures the operation details like who did the operation,  who changed the status of the entities and at which time they did that operation. 

You can signup/login straight away and see all of them in action.

Governance Audit tab in ServiceBus360 home screen

Governance and Audit feature currently has two modules, which are the “Operation History” and the “Alert History”. In the future, some new modules like “Analytics History” will be added under the Governance and Audit.
I have developed “Operation History” module in the Governance and Audit feature.

For more information on “Alert History” refer the blog

How the “Governance and Audit” feature will be helpful

In ServiceBus360, users can perform entire CRUD operations on entities and on editable properties. For example, the user creates an entity as “sb-ns-queues1”.

Creating Queue entity in ServiceBus360

created queue entity added to the queue list

In the “sb-ns-queues1” entity, edit the properties to change the Status to “Disabled”. Optionally, the user can give a reason for the modification, then save the changes.

Edit property in the created queue entity

If the user creates entities or changes the properties, it will be automatically updated in the Azure Portal.

In this case, if the user wants to know about who created the entities, and who made changes in the status, they can go to Governance and Audit and then navigate to the “Operation History” tab.  

User activities on resource are displayed in governance audit operation history

The user actions on the entities are displayed in the Operation History details. By default, it will show the most recent 10 records. By clicking “Load More”, it will show the next 10 records. Operation History records are purged after 7 days.

The user might forget the old value and how the new values are changed. I If they want to see the description, which might contain the reason for the changes, click on the information icon on the right side. The blade that appears will show the details about the entities as below.

Details about the activities are displayed in blade section

By using filter, the user can filter the history based on the Namespace name, Entity type, From Date and To Date. In the below example the Operation History details are filtered based on entity type Queue.

Operation History log filtered based on Queue resource

Governance and Audit feature can be accessed by all type of users. But for free users it will be available for 30 days only. After that if they change their license plan to Professional, this feature will be continued otherwise it will not.

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