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Get Ready for Microsoft Ignite 2019

Last updated on: July 9, 2019

We are proud to announce that we will exhibit Serverless360 @ Microsoft Ignite 2019 – A one platform tool to manage and monitor Azure Serverless Services, to all the Microsoft Azure Integration experts, engineers and partners under one roof. Serverless360 will have 8 representatives at Orlando, Florida in November to attend Microsoft Ignite 2019.

Microsoft Ignite in numbers

Microsoft Ignite offers the latest insights and skills from technology leaders and industry users shaping the future of cloud, data, business intelligence, DevOps, and productivity.

The event will attract over 26,000 attendees this year, host 300 vendor sponsors, offering 1000+ sessions and 200+ self-paced workshops in a wide range of topics.
Microsoft Ignite 2019

Ignite is focused on bringing Microsoft products and partner solutions together for attendees to go back to their organizations with ideas on how to add value to their company with the broader Microsoft suite of products.

And if these sessions are not enough to keep you busy, anyone who’s been to Microsoft Ignite knows that the event is so much more than the sessions!

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What to expect at Microsoft Ignite 2019

Investing and participating in Microsoft Ignite gives us the opportunity to reach out to real-time users who are migrating their on-premise integration solutions to Azure Serverless services. We wanted to interact with people who have challenges in managing and monitoring their Azure Serverless integration solutions and listen to them. To achieve this, what better option than engaging in technical conference and events! Because here, we get a chance to collaborate with a wide audience in a short time. We have a rich set of Azure Serverless product experts, who are working on enterprise-grade real-time Azure Serverless integrations.

By having a booth at Ignite, our product team gets the chance to network, be inspired, gain knowledge, and bring it back to our development headquarters at Coimbatore to share with the rest of the team.

If you’re curious to ask us how we differ from competitors – we’d love to tell you more about what makes Serverless360 the leading Azure Serverless monitoring tool.

Meet the Serverless360 team

If you are using or adopting to Azure Integration and Serverless services or looking forward to partner with us,   We will make sure to set up a meeting time that suits you perfectly.

When and Where

Microsoft Ignite 2019 

November 4-8, 2019 

Orange County Convention Center | Orlando, FL 

Soon we will be writing about: 

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  2. Announcing our booth number and Session details 
  3. Networking Effectively at Ignite 
  4. Our experience at Ignite – Post-event coverage 
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