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Dead Letter Analytics using Serverless360

Daniel Szweda

3 Mins Read | Published on Jul 28, 2017


Analytics was a long-promised feature by Serverless360 team to our customers and we are glad to announce that we made the first step forward to provide analytic information for all namespaces.

Analytics is a key feature which benefits both developers and management teams by collecting important data from the integration and converting it to meaningful information displayed on the graphs. Developers will benefit by gaining a deeper understanding of the functionality and identify patterns that allow to point out bottlenecks in the system. On the other hand, business users will be able to understand and highlight the importance of the integration of the business.

With one of our recent releases, we brought to you V1 of Analytics for Azure Service Bus Queues, which will analyze the messages within dead letter queue. Once enabled the user will have access to new analytics section for the queue, where we brought to you two graphs:

1. A pie chart that displays top 10 reasons for messages to a dead letter, which will help the developers to understand which of the reasons is most common in the queue. This should help to prioritize what needs to be fixed next and if the fix helped.


2. Over time chart for top 10 dead letters by reason, This graph will help to understand common patterns and pin point specific days or times where specific dead letter reason is spiking up. This will help the developers to identify the problem quickly and fix it sooner. In the current version, we store data for up to 7 days.Dead-letter-by-reason-over-time

3. Additionally, once analytics is enabled you will be able to see the latest summary of the dead letter by reason in operations section.Dead-Letter-Summary“Sounds Good, but what do I need to do to get it?” – Fear not, the process is quick and simple.

1. Choose the Messaging namespace which contains the queue that you want to track.Track-Messages

2. Navigate to the queue and you will see there is a new column called Analytics.Navigation

3. Toggle the button next to the queue which you want to track to enable analytics. Then click “Yes” when you see the prompt WARNING! Analytics will incur additional charges to your service bus operations, due to multiple calls to your queue. Behind the back, we utilize batching to reduce it as much as possible and we only pull data every 1 hour.enabling-analytics

4. That is it, from now on we will collect relevant data and update the graphs.
5. My graphs say not enough data, what do I do? As mentioned above, we collect data every 1 hour so come back later to see the graphs with some data on them.Analytics-Screen

Please keep in mind that this is version 1 of Serverless360 Analytics and we are still experimenting with data collection interval, etc. We appreciate your feedback, so please feel free to get in touch with us at

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