Jul 28

Dead Letter Analytics using Serverless360

Analytics was a long-promised feature by Serverless360 team to our customers and we are glad to announce that we made the first step forward to provide

By Daniel Szweda

Jul 11

Significance of Serverless360 Home Dashboard

In this blog post, I would like to explain about the Dashboard section After the initial the product launch, we went back to the drawing board again to

By Prabagaran Saminathan

Jul 10

Importing Entities from one Service Bus Namespace to another

Azure Service Bus entities are classified into 3 categories - Messaging, Relay, and Event Hub Namespaces Service Bus entities are used as a medium to exchange

By Arunprabhu Muthusamy

Jul 4

Refreshing UI to know what’s happening in Serverless360

Serverless360 is a SaaS platform providing efficient Operations, Monitoring and Analytics capabilities for Microsoft Azure Service Bus  In this blog post, I

By Prabagaran Saminathan

Jun 27

Test Azure Service Bus Performance by Generating a Million Test Messages in Queue, Topic or Event Hub

For the people into azure service bus namespaces – we often have the need to test our system integration by generating some test messages or events on to

By Sunny Sharma

Jun 15

Introducing Notification Channels in Serverless360

Introducing notification Channels in Serverless360 Notification channels are the very easiest way to get the Serverless360 monitoring alerts to external

By Rajeshkannan Palanimuthu

Jun 14

Sending Messages / Events to Service Bus Entities using Serverless360

Serverless360 is a SaaS platform providing efficient Azure Service Bus Monitoring, Management and Analytics Please refer to "What is Serverless360” for a

By Sunny Sharma

Apr 12

Azure Governance and Audit Feature in Serverless360

Introduction In Serverless360, we can create, delete and edit entities While doing those operations on the entities, Azure Governance and Audit feature

By Bhuvaneswari Shanmugam

Mar 24

Alert History feature in Serverless360

Enterprise applications can communicate to each other through Service Bus Resources So it is necessary to monitor the resources to make sure it works

By Yuvaranjani Kalichamy

Mar 10

What’s new in Serverless360? – March Update

Serverless360 just got better over the last few weeks We'll take you through the features/enhancements that have gone into the product You can signup/login

By Saravana Kumar