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Introducing Business Activity Monitoring & Tracking in Serverless360

4 Mins Read | Last modified on November 20th, 2023

Introducing Business Activity Tracking & Monitoring in Serverless360-v2-01

You can also take a look at our pillar page dedicated to Distributed tracing to get better insights on the topic.

Azure portal provides excellent toolset to manage your Serverless resources like Service Bus, Logic Apps, Functions, Event Hubs etc from infrastructure perspective like creating them, changing the pricing tier etc. It doesn’t provide operational capabilities on them. for eg: you cannot perform message processing on your Service Bus Queues. Hence, you end up building a custom solution. Moreover, Application Insights help to explore the usage and what happens in these resources. Azure Monitor provides monitoring capabilities on these entities. There are other tools like Service Bus Explorer, Azure Storage Explorer etc that helps to manage the respective services.

Need for one powerful tool

Though there are many tools available, it is quite challenging to switch between them, managing the access to these tools, maintaining proper updates or credentials etc. At some point it all becomes cumbersome. It will be nice if you can have a single portal to carry out all these.

This is the exact reason why we built Serverless360. It is a tool that enables Azure Serverless monitoring and management from one place. We don’t look at completely replacing the usage of Azure portal. We are building additional capabilities to Azure Portal, App Insights and Azure Monitor.

Serverless360 is built to complement Azure portal

Azure Serverless monitoring

Need for Business Activity Monitoring and Tracking

Serverless360 is built Azure serverless monitoring and management, these technologies are now rapidly being adopted for enterprise integration. When BizTalk Server provides robust integration capabilities on premise, technologies like Azure Logic Apps, Functions and Service Bus Messaging take part in Hybrid and cloud integrations. Whereas Business Activity Monitoring is more powerful for tracking and activity monitoring for BizTalk on-premise, there is a need for similar capabilities for hybrid and native cloud implementations. It is for this purpose we built Atomic Scope.

Atomic Scope is a functional end to end business activity monitoring and tracking product for Hybrid integration scenarios involving Microsoft BizTalk Server and Azure Logic Apps. With Atomic Scope, get full visibility of your end-to-end business.

 business activity tracking and monitoring

Atomic Scope can be more helpful in your integration scenario than BAM. Here are reasons why Bart Scheurweghs from Integration team has switched from BAM to Atomic Scope

Serverless360 + Atomic Scope = Serverless360 BAM

What is Business Activity Monitoring and Tracking in Serverless360?

As we demonstrated both these tools to our potential customers in the last few months, we received lot of inputs and interest towards both these products coming together as one. Since, we have already made significant developments, we are taking this integration between these two products in phases. As a first step, we will bring the tracking and querying capabilities on the business processes.

For these, you should be having Serverless360 account and implementation of Atomic Scope separately. The existing users of Atomic Scope will find this phase very easy to get started with. Basic configuration like Work spaces, Business Process definition must be done in the Atomic Scope implementation. 

Associate Business Processes with Serverless360 to Track data

These business processes can be associated to your Composite Applications in Serverless360 and can be queried for.

Associate Business Processes with Serverless360

Integrating Atomic Scope to Serverless360 provides endless capabilities like:

End to End tracking

Bring maximum visibility of your integration solution to functional support teams by defining properties to track business values at run-time. Easily correlate the flow of data within your system.

End to End tracking in Serverless360


Search allows you to find individual transactions for identifying exceptions, status and helps to explore tracked data.

Business Activity Monitoring


Have a failed transaction? You can retry single or multiple transactions right from the portal UI.

Reprocess details in Severless360

Message Flow

Moreover, it allows you to visualize your business transactions in a graphical representation as well as detailed information. Furthermore, it also provides the possibility to visualize a specific and more complex business process on how all milestones/transactions are executed in a specific sequence (both sequential and parallel executions).

Message Flow details in Severless360

Download Message

Download any archived message directly from the portal at ease.

Download any archived message

Correlate Transactions

It not only brings end to end view of business transactions but also of the business process as a whole by making use of configurable correlation token. This enables functional support team to track the status of a business process at any point of time. 

end to end view of business transactions

In upcoming releases, we will work towards bringing more first class experiences of Atomic Scope to Serverless360.

This article was originally published on Mar 21, 2019. It was most recently updated on Nov 20, 2023.

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