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Released- Bigger and Better Serverless360

Ezhilarasi Chezhiyan

4 Mins Read | Published on Oct 22, 2018


After our announcement at Integrate2018, that we are positioning ServiceBus360 as Serverless360 which will send a clear message to our customers about our vision and roadmap for solving Serverless integration challenges, Serverless360 has got bigger, with more exciting useful capabilities and better, with a new coat in the UI, improved performance and usability.

UPDATE: Below is a quick walk through to our recent valuable additions in this release on 10 Nov 2018

SaaS or Self-Hosting – Multiple modes in Offering

Serverless360 is also offered as an On-Premise Solution along with the existing mode of Software as a Solution. Check here for assistance in choosing the best-suited mode for you. Going forward the capabilities offered in both the modes will be in absolute sync. Hence the choice in the offering mode can be made purely based on your business demands.


Expanded Spectrum

Serverless360 has significantly expanded its spectrum to include Azure Serverless Monitoring and Operational capabilities to various offerings in addition to the existing list of Service Bus, Logic App, Function App, Event Hubs and Relays. Recently added capabilities worth mentioning include,

  • Monitor Event Grids
  • Monitor Storage Accounts (blobs, queues, and files)
  • Upload bulk messages from excel to Azure Service Bus
  • Backup Azure Service Bus messages to Azure Storage blob
  • Improved usability with message beautification wherever applicable
  • Watch monitor on Logic App and Function App
  • Scheduled Activities on Service Bus and Event Hubs

Following are the list of value additions to Serverless360 to ensure enriched experience in using the product.

  1. Enhanced Composite Application dashboard: One key need of every Azure user is to manage Azure entities from different Azure subscriptions and different Azure regions at one place. Serverless360 Composite Application proved to be the solution to this problem. In this release, we have added more value to the Composite Application dashboard with the inclusion of pie chart on entity monitor status. This pie chart can provide immediate representation on the status of an entity associated with this composite application based on the configured monitors. This can be notified to the team on failure of any component in the business orchestration against the expected criteria.
  2. Entity Dashboard: Every composite application now presents all the entities at a glance with current monitoring status and instant access to the monitoring issues in detail.
  3. Choice in Authentication Mode, Azure Active Directory or Basic Authentication: Serverless360 now has support to 2 authentication modes, Azure Active Directory and Basic authentication modes. The choice can be made at the time of initial configuration after successful installation in case of on-premise and Sign up in case of SaaS offering of Serverless360.
  4. Comprehensive Monitoring: Azure Serverless Entities constitute critical business orchestrations. Hence monitoring them to function as expected is the need of the hour. Serverless360 offers the following 4 types of monitors, each one to address a specific business perspective
    1. Data Monitor: Configure to get notified on efficiency or reliability or consumption of the Azure entities by monitoring their extensive list of metrics
    2. Status Monitor: Generate report at specific times in a day representing the state of entities against the desired values
    3. Threshold Monitor: Monitor your entities when certain properties violate desired values for a specified period say few seconds/minutes
    4. Watch Monitor: Get notified in near real-time on the failure of associated Logic App or Azure Functions

All the monitors in Serverless360 can now be configured to accommodate multiple entities as a group. Entities can be monitored at property level against desired values. Alerts can be triggered to different notification channels like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Webhook etc.


  1. Resource management capabilities within Composite Applications: No more switching between Composite Applications and Management Stack. Management actions like editing entity property, managing share access keys, enabling/disabling an entity along with composite application actions like send messages, upload messages, message processing, run triggers etc., all can be accessed at one place. However, the user access policy still facilitates restricting permissions only to desired actions.
  2. Enhanced Watch monitor for Logic App and Azure Function: Watch monitor now can accommodate multiple entity mapping to a single watch monitor and provides more details in the failure reason. This will help the user to better resolve the Logic App or Azure Function failure.
  3. Improved Performance: Listening to our customers, utmost care has been taken to provide Serverless360 user, a better experience in terms of performance and usability throughout the product.

We’d love to hear your thoughts. Please visit our feedback system to suggest new Features or Enhancements.


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