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Azure Service Bus Announcements from INTEGRATE 2017

Sriram Hariharan

4 Mins Read | Last modified on October 4th, 2023


After months of preparations and work behind the scenes, it’s time for INTEGRATE 2017 – the premier integration focused conference at Kings Place, London. This blog covers Azure Service Bus announcements from Microsoft Pro Integration team and additional interesting details from #Integrate2017.

Session 3 on Day 1 – Messaging yesterday, today, and tomorrow

Dan Rosanova, Microsoft Principal Program Manager, started off his session by wowing the audience on the Azure Messaging numbers. Those numbers are simply awesome!Azure-Messaging-Numbers

Similar to Azure Messaging, Event Hubs also has some staggering statistics (YoY comparison) –Event-Hubs-numbersServiceBus-Failure-NumbersDan made the mention that customers can make use of Serverless360 to monitor their Azure Service Bus resources and keep a watch on the failure rate. In the above screenshot, Dan says the team receives easily about 28 million failures per week and Serverless360 can help customers to keep track of these failures and fix them at the earliest.

(Note: ServiceBus360 has been re-branded as Serverless360)


Dan then gave a brief history about Messaging, how it was, and how the landscape is today. Today’s messaging landscape involves –


Microsoft is clearly the leader in the messaging space. Dan spoke about the concepts of Event Hubs, Messaging as a Service (MaaS) – Queues and Topics, features of Service Bus, Relays.

What’s in store with Service Bus team?

  • Encryption at rest (Event Hubs and Premium Service Bus)
  • Managed Secure Identity
  • Bring your Own Key (BYOK) encryption at rest for premium products
  • IP Filtering
  • Vnet
  • New metrics pipeline
  • GeoDR – coming to Event Hubs, Service Bus and Relays this summerGeoDR
    • You can create an alias – FQDN like namespace
    • Select Primary region and NS name
    • Select Secondary region and NS name
    • GeoDR team will copy data between regions
    • You call REST call to initiate failover
      • GeoDR team ejects old primary and break metadata sync
      • Alias connection string continues to work for send and receive

Session 4 on Day 1 – Azure Event Hubs: the world’s most widely used telemetry service

Shubha Vijayasarathy, Microsoft Program Manager, started off her talk talking about the 3 main S’s the Product Group is focusing on to build their solutions that are –

  1. Simple
  2. Stable
  3. Scalable

Event Hubs Archive CAPTURE

Shubha then deep dived into the concept of Event Hubs. Shubha made the mention that majority of Event Hubs customers are writing their stream to a persistent store mainly for long-term storage and batch processing of the information. For achieving this, the Event Hubs team are reintroducing the concept of Archive, but with a better name called CAPTURE. Event Hubs CAPTURE allows you to batch and real-time processing on the same stream. This feature will be GA on June 28, 2017, across all Azure regions.Wagner-Tweet

Shubha then covered the conceptual architecture of Event Hubs and gave a clear distinction between Event Hubs and Service Bus Topics.Comparison

Event Hubs Auto-Inflate

Shubha then gave an insight into one of the recently released features earlier this month called Event Hubs – Auto Inflate. For more information about this feature, we recommend you to watch this Middleware Friday episode by Kent Weare. Shubha wrapped up her session talking about the Event Hubs pricing, dedicated Event Hubs and one of the soon to be released feature called Event Hubs Clusters.

Event Hubs Clusters

You can stand up your own Event Hubs Clusters in less than two hours. You can monitor your cluster health, and with this model, you have the option to start small and then scale as you go. This feature is currently in Private Preview and will soon be available in the Public Preview (by September).Event-Hubs-Clusters-In-Private-Preview

What’s Coming – Azure Event Hubs

  • GeoDR Capability
  • Encryption at Rest
  • Metrics in the new portal
  • ADLS for public preview
  • Dedicated EH clusters for private preview
  • Namespace updates
    • Sun setting the old Azure Portal
    • All services are independent (Messaging, Event Hubs, Relays)
    • Different portal experience

Session 5 on Day 2 – What’s there & what’s coming in Serverless360

BizTalk360 Founder & CTO, Saravana Kumar, discussed the challenges with Azure Service Bus and how Serverless360 helps Azure Service Bus Monitoring, Operations and Analytics. You get Serverless360 with a pricing model as low as 15$. We wanted to go with a low cost, high volume model for Serverless360. You can also try the product for FREE if you are keen on trying the product.

(Note: ServiceBus360 has been re-branded as Serverless360)


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This article was originally published on Jun 28, 2017. It was most recently updated on October 4th, 2023.

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