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Azure Logic Apps Monthly Update – Sept 2018

Azure Logic Apps

This episode of Azure Logic Apps Monthly Update comes to us directly from #MSIgnite. The Logic Apps team were back for their webcast on September 26, 2018 and as usual, the expectations were high to know the latest update in the Logic Apps portal. I’ll try to give you a very crisp recap of the proceedings during the event so, buckle up folks!

What’s New in Azure Logic Apps

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1.Azure China – Finally Logic Apps can be accessed in Azure China portal! It is now available for public preview.


2.VS code extension – The latest extensions available in preview allows the developers to indulge their application integration work with their familiar development tools.

3.Integration Service Environment (private preview)  

4.Increased Integration Account Limits – The limits are altered as mentioned in the below table,



Actions per workflow


Workflows per region per subscription


Allowed nesting depths for actions


Triggers per workflow


Variables per workflow


Switch scope cases limit


Characters per expression


5.Managed Service Identity – Now the Logic Apps engine will manage its resource based on individual identity to access an Azure resource rather than relying on a user identity.

6.Client tracking id with split-on – Individual tracking id is available for the messages arriving on trigger.

7.Functions V2 support – Azure Function v2 general availability was announced at #MSIgnite and it does have some really cool updates!

New/Updated Connectors

  1. MQ – Supports basic messaging operation (send and receive)
    • GA
    • Create folder
    • Rename file
    • Larger file support
  3. SAP
    • Trigger
    • Schema generation
  4. VSTS -> Azure DevOps
  5. Survey123
  6. Video Indexer v2
  7. Cloud Connect Studio
  8. Polite Mail
  9. Dynamic Signal
  10. ElasticOCR
  11. mailparser.io
  12. Microsoft School Data Sync
  13. NetDocuments
  14. ProjectWise Design Integration
  15. LMS365
  16. AppsForOps
  17. K2 Workflow
  18. TeleSign SMS

Azure Scheduler Depreciation

Azure Scheduler will be deprecated next year on September 30, 2019! So, this came up as a totally unexpected call from the Azure team which proved to be a total nightmare for cloud users across the globe.



Logic Apps can be placed as an equal alternate for Azure Scheduler. So, users depending on Azure Scheduler can move on to logic Apps for scheduling the necessary workloads and the migration process would only take a couple of minutes.

Logic Apps New Offering

1.Improved connector browsing – Helps you to identify the type of connectors for each respective operation through neo browsing method.

2.XSLT 3 support – An incoming document can be in JSON format, rather than XML in XSLT 3.0 version

3.foreach item() in token picker – Using foreach loop, a particular token can be fetched and its properties can also be viewed.

4.Lazy @if() evaluation

5.Configurable tracking correlation id

6.Connector IP addresses update

What’s in progress?

1.Smart designer – Helps to build workflows more efficiently through AI and Machine Learning

2.HTML text control – HTML editor for formatting email for mail action, highlight text, inserting image and more.

5.Azure Gov Cloud Arizona – Azure Logic Apps available in Texas is being deployed to Arizona.

3.ISE public preview

4.Delete Run


  • IBM3860
  • IoT Hub
  • Azure Budgets
  • Acumatica
  • Lithium
  • Microsoft Forms Pro
  • Parseur
  • Rencore
  • Webex Teams
  • Zahara

Watch the recording of the session here.


If you are working on Logic Apps and have something interesting, feel free to share them with the Azure Logic Apps team via email or you can tweet to them at @logicappsio. You can also vote for features that you feel are important and that you’d like to see in logic apps here.

If you ever wanted to get in touch with the Azure Logic Apps team, here’s how you do it!


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Author: Surya Venkatasubramanian

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