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Azure Logic Apps Live – May 2019

Categories: Microsoft Azure

What’s New

Integration Service Environment GA

In critical business scenarios, your logic apps and integration accounts need access to secured resources, such as virtual machines (VMs) and other systems or services, that are inside an Azure virtual network. To set up this access, you can create an integration service environment (ISE) where you can run your logic apps and create your integration accounts. With ISE in GA, there is an increase in the limits like increase in message size from 100MB to 200MB, chunk messages in 5MB, 4 min timeout for response, Logic Apps can live for 365 days in ISE, extended AS2 capabilities, increased throttling in connectors etc.

SAP Connector GA

The connector works with SAP’s classical releases such as R/3, ECC systems on-premises. The connector also enables integration with the SAP’s newer HANA-based SAP systems such as S/4 HANA, wherever they are hosted – on premises or in cloud. The SAP connector supports message or data integration to and from SAP NetWeaver-based systems through Intermediate Document (IDoc) or Business Application Programming Interface (BAPI) or Remote Function Call (RFC).

Inline Code with JavaScript public preview

The new Inline code feature enables developers to write and execute simple ECMAScript (also known as JavaScript) right from within Logic Apps.

Logic Apps Inline code

Benefits of inline code:

  • Write and execute code without having to provision additional resources
  • Easily reference trigger, action, and workflow output via workflowContext object
  • Enables new scenarios such as regular expression parsing, complex array, and object manipulation, and arithmetic operations
  • Data returned in code made available to subsequent actions via dynamic content token

Azure Gov Cloud Virginia

Azure Cloud Virginia is live, So Logic Apps is in three locations for Azure government clouds – Virginia, Texas, and Arizona. You can go ahead and create your government applications in the cloud with Logic Apps.

Managed Identities limit increased

The number of logic apps with system-assigned managed identities per Azure subscription is increased to 100 as per customer feedback.

Sliding window trigger

It is a new type of recurrence trigger, the difference between a recurrence triggering a sliding window triggers is that there is a guarantee that the logic apps will call you on the schedule that even you missed. Sliding window trigger is used particularly for data sync scenarios so that they use the data about that time window to determine their data sink.

Visual Studio 2019 Logic Apps extension

You can now view your logic app with Visual Studio 2019.  Although you can create, edit, manage, and deploy logic apps in the Azure portal, you can also use Visual Studio when you want to add your logic apps to source control, publish different versions, and create Azure Resource Manager templates for various deployment environments. With Visual Studio Cloud Explorer, you can find and manage your logic apps along with other Azure resources.

Blockchain templates

Logic Apps team works closely with the Blockchain team to create a really embedded experience into their tooling. The team has now added a new Block Chain category in a number of templates to your designer to help you get started really quickly with blockchain.

New Connectors

  • Azure Key Vault (preview) – Azure Key Vault is a service to securely store and access secret keys. It has a throttling limit of 1000 API calls per connection.
  • AS2 v2 – AS2 lets one receive and send messages over AS2 transport protocol in business to business communications. AS2 stands for Applicability Statement 2. Data is transported securely and reliably over the Internet. Security is achieved by using digital certificates and encryption.
  • Updated Ethereum connector – Ethereum is a smart contract blockchain. With the Ethereum Blockchain connector, you can perform actions such as submitting transactions, reading contract state, and trigger flows on contract updates.
  • Data8 Data Enrichment – Data8 helps you build confidence in your data. We can save you money by cleaning and enriching both your existing data, as well as ensuring only the highest quality data goes in at the point of entry, leaving you to concentrate on targeting and communicating to the right customers.
  • Casper365 for Education – Casper365 for Education connector provides access for education-based apps to their representative data store.
  • CommercientCPQ – Commercient CPQ is a cloud sales engine for creating Quotes and processing Sales Orders online. Commercient CPQ is used to process both B2B and B2C orders.
  • Cloud PKI Management – Take back control of your Microsoft Public Key Infrastructure (ADCS) with the Microsoft Power Platform and Cloud PKI Management from 509 Solutions.
  • EasyVista Service Manager


  • ISE
    • Connector Manager
    • Internal Load Balancer
  • Inline Code for PowerShell and C#
  • Input/Output Obfuscation
  • User-assigned managed identities
  • Gateways across subscriptions
  • RossettaNet
  • VSCode – Logic Apps project
  • SAP connector features
  • Visual Studio 2019 cloud explorer
  • New Public regions
    • France
    • Korea
    • South Africa
    • UAE
  • Connectors
    • IBM CICs, Host File
    • SQL Azure AD
    • SAP new features
    • ISE: SAP
    • ISE: File System
    • Amazon SQS
    • Amazon S3
    • SignNow
    • RealPad

Azure Scheduler Deprecation

As the Azure Scheduler is going to be deprecated very soon and Logic Apps is the logical place to move, the team has actually just published a bunch of scripts that will help you with the migration efforts. You may need to modify it because everyone creates schedule a little bit differently, but here are the tools that will help you to get that process. Here you can find the tools that will help you during the migration process


Integrate is one of the most interesting events of the year where team members from Logic Apps, Functions, API Management, Azure Integration teams will be available. This year the event happens in London and Redmond, the London event is in 3 weeks time between June 3-5 and the later that month at Microsoft Campus between June 24-26. It is a really great opportunity not just to kind of hear from Logic Apps team in terms of what’s new and what’s coming but all other teams as well. It is an opportunity for networking and engaging with your peers and with the product group learning about best practices from our MVPs and can what people are doing out there in the field. You can register for this event here.


If you are working on Logic Apps and have something interesting, feel free to share them with the Azure Logic Apps team via email or you can tweet to them at @logicappsio. You can also vote for features that you feel are important and that you’d like to see in logic apps here.

The Logic Apps team are currently running a survey to know how the product/features are useful for you as a user. The team would like to understand your experiences with the product. You can take the survey here.

If you ever wanted to get in touch with the Azure Logic Apps team, here’s how you do it!


You can watch the session here.

Mohan Nagaraj

May 14, 2019