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Azure Functions Webcast – Oct 2018

Azure Functions

You can really feel how time flies if you’ve attended the Azure Functions Live webcast from MSIgnite. It feels just like yesterday, Azure Functions team is back to present the next set of updates. This month’s updates were presented by Jeff Hollan and Eduardo Laureano (Happy birthday to Jeff Hollan on the show!!!).

What’s New

  1. Update to Functions 2.0.12161
  • Update to WebJobs 
    • [App Insights] Improved host dependency filtering
    • [App Insights] Fixed bug with ServiceBusTrigger telemetry
    • Remove duplicate console logs
  • Improvements to runtime identifier fallback logic
  • Fix for disabled result aggregator
  • Updated to latest node worker
    • Better error handling for early versions of node
  • Updated to latest Java worker, which uses the latest Azure Functions Java Library
    • Added support for Custom Http Status codes.
    • Added support to specify Cardinality on EventHubOutput binding
    • [Java Breaking Change] Removed unsupported NotificationHubOutput Binding Annotation
    • [Java Breaking Change] Removed unsupported WebHookType enum
    • [Java Breaking Change] Enforces method name that is an entry point for a function to be unique. See release notes for details.
  1. Update to Function 1.0.12154
  • Extensions updated to newer nuget versions
  • Fix for race condition in host keys
  • Additional logging to understand host secrets regeneration
  1. Target Frameworks in C# Functions

Azure Functions used to target .Net Standard 2.0, now the team has updated all the template to target .net core app 2.1. So that you can easily reference in and out of 2.1 dependencies.

  1. Durable JavaScript

Durable Functions for JavaScript is released in preview mode. It is released in an NPM package so that you download a durable functions JavaScript package in NPM. This release will come shortly with complete feature parity with C# durable functions.

Community Update

In this section, Jeff and Eduardo discussed the interesting blog contributions from the community.

  1. Automatic release notes with Azure Functions – This blog is written by Jasmine Greenaway. In this post, she walks through how the generator works, and use a sample DevOps project as an example for the generator.
  2. Practical guide to serverless Microsoft Azure Functions with JavaScript – This blog is written by Ahmad Awais, here he explains building a serverless Azure function which is based on JavaScript and specifically Node.js code.
  3. Durable Functions: Fan Out Fan In patterns – Sarah Drasner and Maxime Rouiller talk about the Fan Out, Fan In pattern. In this blog, they retrieve an open issue count from GitHub and then stores it with nice GIF representations.
  4. Azure Serverless Community Library – This is an open source set of common use cases for Azure Functions and Logic Apps. You can also contribute to this community here


  1. What is the current status of dependency injection in v2? When can we expect a preview?
    Jeff: We are not promising, but the goal is the end of this calendar year to send the preview out.
  2. Is Run from ZIP or Run from Package recommended?
    Eduardo: The Run from Package is recommended, it is a feature that prevents doing I/O and accessing the file systems, especially in large systems. When using it in VS Code the tooling will take care of this, whereas you can also choose it to do manually.
  3. Does V2 no longer targets .Net Standard and only target .Net Core?
    Jeff: I believe you can target both with function library. It can handle both .Net Standard 2.0 or .Net Core 2.1. But when the Functions team executes this in the cloud they do .Net Core 2.1
  4. Is there a blog on how to tune the internals of Azure Durable Functions?
    Jeff: The closest is a presentation that I made in .Net Conference. But it is a shout to the community and the internal team to come up with a new blog.
  5. What’s faster; running from a package using app service storage or running from a package using external storage?
    Eduardo: You should definitely try to put the storage on App Service itself.
  6. Any updates on the Azure Functions premium plan and how soon it will be in the preview?
    Jeff: There is an update to the private preview which will be rolled out in the next week. When everyone in the private preview is happy, it will be made public.


  1. Serverless NYC – This event is organized by ServerlessDays Conference team on October 30th. Asavari Tayal and Maxime Rouiller from Microsoft will be speakers at the event.
  2. Devoxx – This is a 5 days event happening in Belgium. Jeff Hollan along with Bruno Borges speaks on “A peek behind the curtain of Serverless”.
  3. Microsoft Connect(); 2018 – This is an online event on December 4th, where you get the latest updates on Azure and Visual Studio. From Scott Guthrie’s keynote to demos to live to code with experts.
  4. MSIgnite Tour – The Microsoft Ignite Tour starts in December this year and goes all the way through May next year across the world. Watch out for the locations and reserve your seats.


If you are working on Azure Functions and have something interesting, feel free to share them with the Azure Functions team via Twitter at @AzureFunctions

You can watch the recorded video of this session here.

In case you missed the earlier updates from the Azure Functions team, take a look at our recap blogs here –

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