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Azure Functions Monthly Update – June 2018

Azure Functions

The monthly Azure Functions webcast is one place to catch all the updates live from the Microsoft Product directly. This webcast is being consistently delivered to showcase the improvements in the Azure portal. This month’s webcast was spearheaded by Alex Karcher and Fabio Cavalcante from the Azure Functions team. The updates from this edition are as follows.

Monitoring Improvements

This has been highly discussed at #MSBuild, the team has moved the Azure Functions portal entirely to an App Insights powered monitoring experience. Some of the improvements that make the Azure Functions monitoring experience better are:

  • App Insights powered Monitoring
    • Direct links to log queries
    • Refreshed portal UX
  • App Insights ON by default for new Functions

With this new UI experience, you can view the Invocation details within the Azure Functions Monitoring blade. You can also run this as a query inside the App Insights portal to view more details such as the performance details, success information, and bunch of different functions ID’s to correlate with the platform logs etc. Also, you can view the custom metrics like success rate, average duration, the actual count of executions etc.

Support Center

The next Azure Functions monitoring improvement that the team has come out is with introducing a support center that is pivoted around different error cases that the Functions get into. Specifically, this will help:

  • Troubleshoot common functions issues
    • Code errors
    • Functions not initializing
    • Hitting platform limitations
  • View performance and platform health
  • And finally, you don’t pay to get your logs into support center – It is available for free. Whereas, in App Insights, you do pay to get your logs and App Insights.

Functions V2 Updates

There is a lot of work happening in V2 around Functions Host and WebJobs SDK. Here are some of the Changelogs that went in the recent release about 10 days back.

  • Updated to .NET Core 2.1
  • Additional assembly bindings and resolutions enhancements. Improving on the previous set of assembly resolution and binding enhancements introduced in 2.0.11776, this release addresses some of the limitations and restrictions that were present with the initial implementation of the new binding model.
  • Java Language Worker updates to annotation packages. For details, see the release announcement here
  • .NET default HTTP response JSON serialization: This release will revert the change made in 2.0.11776, returning the default behavior to use camel casing serialization.
  • NodeJs Language Worker updates to recursively camelCase keys in context.bindingData and other non-breaking Javascript changes
  • Coming down the pipeline
    • Performance & Stability
    • Client tool updates

A lot of importance was given to enhancements around the assembly loading and assembly binding and the issues reported with assembly are all resolved and mitigated in the latest version.

You can watch the recorded webcast here.

Serverless360 Updates

We have made a major shift in branding our product from ServiceBus360 to Serverless360, thereby increasing the product horizon to new limits that will cater to manage and monitor the Serverless components in your Integration solution. Read this blog from INTEGRATE2018 to understand the paradigm shift to Serverless360. We have also released new versions for both SaaS and Private Hosting versions covering the below features:

Software as a Service Model

1. Azure Functions – Read, Update & Delete (including invocation logs) 2. Azure Functions – State based monitoring 3. Azure Functions – Data monitoring 4. Download messages from your DLQ 5. Shared Access Policy – Create, Read, Update & Delete 1. Queues 2. Topics 3. Relays 4. Event Hubs 6. Download governance and audit logs 7.Create Topic Subscription rules

Private Hosting Model

1. Data Monitoring for Queues, Topics, Logic Apps and Functions 2. Manage Azure Event Hubs and Relays 3. API Endpoint monitoring

Author: Mohan Nagaraj

Mohan as a Product Marketing Executive is responsible for Product messaging and positioning, Sales Enablement, Market, customer, and competitive analysis. He combines his passion for business, technology, and writing to spread the word about Serverless360. Mohan is responsible to work with cross-functional teams to visualize and create product documentation and marketing content. He feels writing is so much fun and it is satisfying to capture the company’s soul & passion and make it live through documentation.