Azure Logic Apps Monthly Update – November 2017

It's a bit longer this time! Exactly two months after the previous Azure Logic Apps Monthly Update from #MSIgnite, the Logic Apps team were back for their

Sriram Hariharan
30 Nov 2017
Logic App patterns

Introducing Serverless360 v2.0 – Overhauled UX/UI, Azure Composite Apps Management and New Features

Earlier this month, we published a blog post on why and how we made the shift to Composite Applications concept in Serverless360 At INTEGRATE 2017 USA, we

Sriram Hariharan
17 Nov 2017

Manage and Monitor Hybrid Integration Solutions with Composite Application in Serverless360

Couple of months ago, our Founder/CEO Saravana Kumar wrote an article about the challenges in managing distributed cloud applications While talking about the

Sriram Hariharan
01 Nov 2017

Azure Logic Apps Monthly Update – September 2017

This episode of Azure Logic Apps Monthly Update comes to us directly from #MSIgnite It is one of those episodes with a special guest and this episode featured

Sriram Hariharan
28 Sep 2017

Introducing messaging in your design should not hurt so much

If you've ever designed a large scale distributed system then you're familiar with the whack-a-mole style issues that occur when introducing messaging - where

Sriram Hariharan
28 Aug 2017

Azure Logic Apps Monthly Update – August 2017

You can really feel how time actually flies if you have attended the Azure Logic Apps Live webcast from the Logic Apps team It feels just like yesterday when

Sriram Hariharan
23 Aug 2017
monthly-update-logic-app (2)

Azure Logic Apps Monthly Update – July 2017

After the previous Logic Apps live webcast back in May 2017, the team were back just in time for their webcast on July 26, 2017 - a day before Logic Apps went

Sriram Hariharan
27 Jul 2017

Azure Service Bus Announcements from INTEGRATE 2017

After months of preparations and work behind the scenes, it’s time for INTEGRATE 2017 – the premier integration focused conference at Kings Place,

Sriram Hariharan
28 Jun 2017

Azure Event Hubs: Auto-Inflate (Middleware Friday)

In this blog, I will take you through one of the recently released features in Azure Event Hubs: Auto-Inflate This topic was recently covered by Kent Weare in

Sriram Hariharan
19 Jun 2017