App Insights query for Service Bus

Distributed tracing and correlation through Service Bus messaging

Over the last few years, Microsoft has built excellent tooling around different technologies Today, everything is available and achievable through the Azure

Srihari Senthil
04 Nov 2021
Azure Logic Apps Enterprise Integration Tools

Build Automated, Scalable Enterprise Integration Workflows by Using the Enterprise Integration Pack (EIP) with Azure Logic Apps

What is Enterprise Integration Pack (EIP) In business-to-business (B2B) solutions and seamlessly creating communication between organizations, establishing a

Srihari Senthil
19 May 2021
Azure Event Hub Status

Top 3 approaches to monitor the health status of Azure Event Hubs

Over the past few years, Microsoft Azure has seen tremendous growth, and many new enhancements have improved user productivity To keep users well informed

Srihari Senthil
15 Feb 2021

An Efficient Way to Monitor Your Azure Application Status Proactively

Azure Serverless Azure has a variety of resources that facilitate onboarding our business from a native platform to the Cloud Comparatively, AIS (Azure

Srihari Senthil
12 Aug 2020
Integrate Remote 2020 banner - API's and Events - a cloud affair

How to Secure Your Precious APIs

This blog is a transcript of the session “How to secure your precious API with API Management” by Mike Budzynski, Program Manager on API

Srihari Senthil
03 Jun 2020
Azure health Monitoring

Azure Health Monitoring

Microsoft Azure has been growing rapidly from the past couple of years and many new advancements have been done to increase the productivity of the users

Srihari Senthil
15 May 2020