Advanced Service Bus Dead lettering with BAM

In the real world, when we implement systems, there are often many kinds of users, such as super business users and some level 1 support technicians who

Michael Stephenson
11 Nov 2021
insurance claim management

Insurance Claim Process Managed and Monitored with Serverless360

In recent times cloud computing has played a significant role in various domains In this blog, we will look at how Serverless360 helps these domains fulfill

Michael Stephenson
06 Oct 2021
Logic App error handling

Azure Logic Apps Error Handling Using Serverless360 BAM

Introduction A few weeks ago, my good friend Josh Cook wrote a blog post for Power Automate about getting the error message when implementing the try/catch

Michael Stephenson
23 Oct 2020

Resource Map for Azure in Serverless360

Recently we introduced a new feature in Serverless360 called Resource Map  For 10 years I have worked with Azure and a common theme I have seen is that

Michael Stephenson
02 Jun 2020
Monitor SFTP site with Serverless360

How to Monitor an SFTP Server Site with Serverless360

Introduction At Serverless360, we often get asked by customers if we have the capability to monitor resources that don’t necessarily fit with the core

Michael Stephenson
03 Oct 2019

ALM with Azure Service Bus

I have worked with Azure Service Bus for years and one of the biggest challenges was always how to manage change on the Queues and Topics within a Service Bus

Michael Stephenson
10 Sep 2019

Azure Functions in the Portal – ALM

One of the advantages of Azure is that for some use cases you can develop solutions in the Azure Portal  This has the benefits that you can just focus on

Michael Stephenson
22 Jul 2019

What are Composite Applications in Serverless360?

One of the things I really like about Serverless360 is the ability to create a Composite Application which is a container for resources which I want to bring

Michael Stephenson
15 Mar 2019

Real World Azure Serverless Use Case to Implement a B2B API

Yesterday, I wrote an article about how we refactored some problematic custom functionality in Dynamics to run on Azure instead and discussed the benefits of

Michael Stephenson
24 Oct 2018