Exposing Azure Services using Azure API Management

Azure API Management With Azure API Management developer portal we can expose our services in a managed way, allowing to take control through policies, add

Eldert Grootenboer
15 Oct 2018

Azure Service Bus Throttling Conditions to be Considered in Messaging Platform

When architecting a solution in Azure, it is always important to keep in mind any limitations which might apply These limitations can come not only from tier

Eldert Grootenboer
25 Sep 2018

How Azure Event Grid Messaging Could Enhance Your Listening Activity to Your Entities

 Azure Event Grid With Event Grid, we have the option to react to events, both for Azure entities as well as beyond Azure As the team that works on Service

Eldert Grootenboer
04 Sep 2018

How Serverless Computing will Change the Integration Scene

These days we often hear the term serverless, but what does it mean According to Wikipedia, serverless is all about cloud computing, where the cloud provider

Eldert Grootenboer
22 Aug 2018

Getting started with Azure Event Grid

Messaging Vs Eventing In the messaging world, we can distinguish two types of message integrations The first is messaging, which conveys an intent This means

Eldert Grootenboer
08 Aug 2018

Dynamics 365 Integration Helps to Gain Better IoT insights

This is a new post in the IoT Hub series Previously we have seen how to administrate our devices, send messages from the device and from the cloud Now that we

Eldert Grootenboer
31 Oct 2017

Using Azure IoT Hub for Cloud to Device Messaging

In this post, we will see how we can do cloud to device messaging, something which is much harder when not using Azure IoT Hub IoT devices will normally be low

Eldert Grootenboer
17 May 2017

Device Administration Using Azure IoT Hub

Azure IoT Hub allows us to communicate with billions of devices in an easy and secure manner Built on proven Azure technologies like Service Bus and Event

Eldert Grootenboer
07 Apr 2017

Access on-premise SQL Server from Azure Logic Apps via On-Premises Data Gateway

These days we see a lot of companies looking into Azure, however most of these companies already have a lot of applications running on premises This means they

Eldert Grootenboer
27 Jan 2017