Oct 10

Serverless360 – Logic Apps Data Monitoring (Preview)

Another release and more exciting features coming your way from Serverless360 team to cover more ground or cloud With this release, we are bringing you the

By Daniel Szweda

Aug 14

Serverless360 Operations Management Suite (OMS) Notification Channel

During our biggest event Integrate2017, we were asked on multiple occasions if Serverless360 is integrated with Microsoft's OMS which is a cloud-based IT

By Daniel Szweda

Aug 7

WebHook Notification Channel – Serverless360

Introduction Serverless360 is an excellent tool to monitor all 3 types of messaging brokers: Messaging, Event Hubs, and Relays When something is wrong the

By Daniel Szweda

Jul 28

Dead Letter Analytics using Serverless360

Analytics was a long-promised feature by Serverless360 team to our customers and we are glad to announce that we made the first step forward to provide

By Daniel Szweda

Jun 26

Resubmit and Delete Messages in Azure Service Bus Messaging

Our product Serverless360 grows very rapidly with a constant new release every 2 weeks that add new features or enhancements The regular flow of customer

By Daniel Szweda