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Activity History in Serverless360


Activity history is a part of Governance and Audit feature in Serverless360. This audit log information will help the administrators to find out “Who did what” in the application over a period. Let’s consider a scenario, most of you while working on a messaging platform like Azure Service Bus, from time to time you’ll need to send some sample messages either for development, testing or for simulating certain actions into Azure Service Bus Queues, Topics or Event Hubs. To make this monotonous task simple Serverless360 has the option to configure activities for sending messages and resubmitting dead-lettered message. With this feature in place, you can schedule these repetitive activities and forget them. This feature essentially does the job for you that you tried doing again and again. But when you have configured and scheduled a lot of activities, which triggers and run at different times without any user intervention, it’s difficult to keep a track of what’s going on. That’s why we introduced Activity History under Governance and Auditing. Information is key, and knowing what’s happening gives the user more control.

Activity History Feature

Activity History is similar functionality as such as Operations History and Alerts History. This feature keeps track to the smallest of details such as every Activity run. Let’s take an example when you have scheduled around 30 to 40 Dead-Letter activities, some activities would have been executed successfully and some would have failed. The Activity History page will display all the details at a high level which include the name of the Activity, date and time the activity was initiated and completed at, the path of the entity for which the Activity was configured, and the status of the Activity that is also colour coded to help you identify which activities are completed without any error.Activity-HistoryThe user can also get advanced information about every activity by clicking the “Information” icon of a particular Activity which will open up the Activity Details blade. If an activity did not complete due to some error, a detailed description of the error can also be found in the Activity Details blade.Acivity-History-2The custom and system properties of the configured entities and messages are also displayed in this section, which includes the total number of messages picked for processing and number of messages that are successfully processed.Queue-ActivityBy default, the Activity History page will list the 10 most recent records. By clicking “Load More” option, the user can retrieve the next 10 available records. The records in Activity History will be available for 7 days after which it will be removed automatically.

Another great feature that we have included to improve the user experience is the ability to filter records based on Namespace, Entity Type, Date and Time. This helps to remove the clutter and get the exact information that you are looking.

In the below screenshot, Activity History details are filtered and displayed based on the namespace and entity type.Activity-history-queue-resultThough this feature looks simple, it is of immense use to the users who want to track the activities they have configured. At Serverless360, we keep listening to our users and implement any valuable suggestions that they provide. Added to this existing feature, in the future release we will include the ability to see who configured and initiated an activity.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or contact us directly at support@serverless360.com.