Looking for Business Activity Monitoring?

Enable your support team to provide better Customer support with end to end business activity monitoring in Serverless360.

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Business processes

Model your business processes, transactions, stages and map them to physical processing elements in integration solutions. Configure tracking of business data of your interest.

Create business processes with transactions and their stages
Create business process

Configure and associate business processes with transactions and their stages, to Serverless360 Composite Application to manage and monitor them.

Import/Export process with BAM

Allow users to manage and work with multiple Business Processes simultaneously. Export a list of business processes together and import them later.

End to End Tracking

Get maximum visibility on the integration solution for the functional support teams. Define properties to track business values at run-time. Correlate the flow of data within your system. Configure reprocess to restore failures.

Get search on End to End Tracking in BAM

Search for transactions by building queries on tracked properties and status to find the required transaction

Business activity monitoring with message flow
Message Flow

Visualize business transactions in a graphical representation with all necessary details at every stage

Reprocess the fails of business activity monitoring in Serverless360

Transaction failed? Need to reprocess? retry any transaction with reprocess configured in Serverless360

Download any archived message directly
Download Message

Download any archived message directly from the Serverless360 portal at ease


An effective monitoring strategy is required to understand the business transactions that flow through the system in detail. This would facilitate proactively notifying stakeholders on critical issues well in advance.

Get Query Alert of Business activity monitoring with Serverless360
Query Alert

Configure conditions over tracked data of business transactions and get notified when tracked data meets the condition.

Alert the stakeholders on exceptions
Exception Alert

Alert the stakeholders on exceptions if any in the associated business processes using Watch monitor

Triggers alerts through 6 popular notification channels
Notification Channels

Triggers alerts through 6 popular notification channels including team collaboration tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, etc.