Azure Service Bus Operations and Monitoring

Serverless360 provides you with essential features that’s packed with rich tooling experience to make
Azure Service Bus operations and monitoring a breeze.

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Key features for an enhanced Azure Service Bus
Management and Monitoring experience

CRUD Operations
CRUD Operations

Perform operations like Create, Read, Update and Delete on Azure Service Bus resources. You can initiate bulk operations – enable/disable multiple Queues or Topics in a single click. All these user activities are tracked for future Auditing.

Queue volume analytics
Dead Letter Queue – volume analytics

With Serverless360, you can set up real-time analytic computations on Azure Service Bus Queues. Analytics helps you to examine the volume of dead letters in your queues from last 24 hours to 7 days.

Notification Channel
Connect your account with a variety of notification channels

Receive alert notifications to your Email, SMTP or to external notification channels like Slack, ServiceNow, PagerDuty, Microsoft Teams and OMS. It just takes few minutes to configure these details.

Retrieve Messages
Retrieve Messages

Execute queries to retrieve messages from Queues in ‘peek lock’ mode. Serverless360 retrieves the message along with information related to the message such as sequence number, size, label, enqueued time, expiry time, message details and properties.

Regenerate message ID
Regenerate message ID

Regenerate/modify or edit a message ID when you try to resubmit a message to a ‘DuplicateDetection’ enabled Queue, this will help you to prevent the message from being lost.

User access policy
User access policy

Fine grained role-based authorization to your Composite Application group. Restrict access to services on user level. Set up read-only access for specific users based on your business requirements.

Defer and Resubmit
Defer and Resubmit

Real time business scenarios may require the dead letter messages to be processed at a later time. You can defer the dead letter messages to repair and resubmit it to the destination entity with ease. All these user activities are tracked for future Auditing.

Azure Service Bus Send messages
Send messages to Service Bus Queues

Send messages to a Service Bus Queue through Serverless360. Automate sending bulk messages at a frequent time interval by configuring Activities. Configure dead letter activities to Resubmit, Resubmit & Delete, and Delete messages based on time or message count.

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