Azure Event Hubs Operations and Monitoring

Serverless360 provides you with essential features that’s packed with rich tooling experience to make
Azure Event Hubs operations and monitoring a breeze.

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Azure Event Hubs are designed for scale, it can process millions and millions of messages on both directions – inbound and outbound. Some of the real-world use cases include getting telemetry data from cars, games, application so on, IoT scenario where millions of devices push data to the cloud, gaming scenarios where you push user activities at scale to the cloud etc. There are tons of use cases why we need a technology like Azure Event Hubs. Similarly, you need one tool to manage and monitor your Azure Event Hubs effortlessly.

Key features for an enhanced Azure Event Hubs
Management and Monitoring experience

CRUD Operations
CRUD Operations

Perform operations like Create, Read, Update and Delete on Azure Event Hubs. You can initiate bulk operations – enable/disable multiple Event Hubs in a single click. All these user activities are tracked for future Auditing.

technical support
Get premium technical support

Worried about technical support? Serverless360 offers support via email, web meeting and chat all included in any plan you choose. You can ask us your queries and rest assured, our subject matter expert will get in touch with you.

Send Events
Send Events to Azure Event Hubs

Send events to an Event Hub through Serverless360. Configure parameters like Event Message, Partition Key, Think Time, Task Count, Event Data Count, Send Batch, Custom Properties, and Partition Id before initiating the Send Events Process.

User Access Policy
User Access Policy

Fine grained role-based authorization to your Composite Application groups. Restrict access to Azure Event Hubs on user level. Set up read-only access for specific users based on your business requirements.

Monitor Azure Event Hubs at Partition Level
Monitor Event Hubs at Partition Level

Event Hubs has a partition-based infrastructure that needs to be constantly monitored for violations. Serverless360 provides simple configuration capabilities to monitor properties of Event Hub Partitions.

monitor your Azure Serverless Services
One tool to monitor your Azure Serverless Services

Detect and be alerted about violations occurring in your Integration solutions. Get serverless monitoring based on resources properties and metrics. Detect failures in your Azure Services like Event Hubs, Logic Apps, Functions and others.

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Serverless360 allows us to group together our physical components and assets into logical solutions. We are then able to monitor and manage them from a single pane which makes it much easier to transition our solutions into business as usual support processes. We see this as a key element in the enterprise adoption of serverless solutions.

Michael Stephenson

Michael Stephenson

Cloud and Integration Architect
Connected Systems Consulting Ltd.

Serverless360 gives us everything we need in a structured and user intuitive way to monitor our integration platform as we shift from on-premise to cloud. From the past we are used to working with BizTalk360, a great tool to monitor our solutions built on BizTalk, it is good to have the ability to get the same experience.

Bart Scheurweghs

Bart Scheurweghs

Senior Integration Architect

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