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When you work with Azure Event Grid, locating the event subscription in Azure portal itself is a challenge if one is not sure of the Azure region. Accessing Event Grid property is the next challenge in the portal which requires expertise. And finally, you will want to monitor the Event Grid on extensive set of metrics to evaluate its efficiency or performance. Serverless360 helps to solve all these challenges and monitors the following Event Grid metrics:

Event Grid

Failed Events
Failed Events

Monitor events sent to the Topic but rejected with an error code

Matched Events
Matched Events

Monitor your event in the topic that was matched by the event subscription

Unmatched events
Unmatched Events

Monitor event successfully published to the topic, but not matched to an event subscription

Publish Subscribe Latency
Publish Subscribe Latency

Monitor the time taken by the Event Grid Topic to publish the event to the Event Grid Subscription

Event Subscription

Delivered Events
Delivered Events

Monitor the events that are successfully delivered to the subscription’s endpoint, and received a 2xx response

Published Events
Published Events

Monitor the events that are successfully sent to the topic, and processed with a 2xx response

Dropped Events
Dropped Events

Monitor the event that was not delivered, and all retry attempts were sent

Delivery Failed Events
Delivery Failed Events

Monitor events sent to subscription’s endpoint but received a 4xx or 5xx response

Dead Letter events
Dead Lettered Events

Monitor the events that are undelivered and sent to a storage account

Destination Process Duration
Destination Processing Duration

Monitor the time taken to process the event from Event Grid Subscription to the destination endpoint

Key features for an enhanced Azure Event Grid Monitoring experience

Azure Storage Monitoring
Powerful Azure Event Grid Monitoring

Comprehensive Storage monitoring requires more than simple state-based alerting. With Serverless360, you can continuously monitor for metrics threshold and status monitoring everything right out-of-the-box.

Notification Channels
Connect your account with a variety of notification channels

Receive alert notifications to your Email, SMTP or to external notification channels like Slack, ServiceNow, PagerDuty, Microsoft Teams and OMS. It just takes few minutes to configure these details.

Technical Support
Get premium technical support

Worried about technical support? Serverless360 offers support via email, web meeting and chat all included in any plan you choose. You can ask us your queries and rest assured, our subject matter expert will get in touch with you.

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Serverless360 allows us to group together our physical components and assets into logical solutions. We are then able to monitor and manage them from a single pane which makes it much easier to transition our solutions into business as usual support processes. We see this as a key element in the enterprise adoption of serverless solutions.

Michael Stephenson

Michael Stephenson

Cloud and Integration Architect
Connected Systems Consulting Ltd.

Serverless360 gives us everything we need in a structured and user intuitive way to monitor our integration platform as we shift from on-premise to cloud. From the past we are used to working with BizTalk360, a great tool to monitor our solutions built on BizTalk, it is good to have the ability to get the same experience.

Bart Scheurweghs

Bart Scheurweghs

Senior Integration Architect

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