Looking for a Service Bus Explorer alternative?
Meet Serverless360.

Here’s Serverless360 provides effective Azure Service Bus Monitoring and Management to handle Queues and Topics

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  • Features
  • Service Bus Explorer
  • Resubmit / Repair and Resubmit Active messages
  • Resubmit / Repair and Resubmit Dead Lettered messages
  • Prevent message loss
  • Purge specific count of Active or Dead- Lettered messages
  • Purge Active or Dead- Lettered messages
  • Automated Activities
  • Consolidated Monitoring on state and properties
  • Monitoring on metrics of Service Bus Queues and Topics
  • Auto Correct on state of Service Bus Queues, Topics and Topic Subscriptions
  • Back up Service Bus messages to Storage blob
  • Manage and Monitor Application

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10 reasons to switch from Service Bus Explorer to Serverless360

Service Bus Explorer Alternative
We constantly add new features

Why use a tool that does not evolve with new releases? With Serverless360, you no longer worry about lagging behind the technology. We’re constantly adding cutting-edge features and functionalities to help you manage and monitor Azure Serverless resources.

Technical support for service bus explorer
Get premium technical support

Why wait long for answers and support from community members? Serverless360 offers support via email, web meeting and chat all included in any plan you choose. You can ask us your queries and rest assured, our subject matter expert will get in touch with you.

import feature from service bus explorer
We provide import feature to help you migrate

Associating your existing Azure resource from Service Bus Explorer might seem daunting. But with Serverless360, we make sure your migration is smooth and seamless. We have a feature to import your existing data in couple of clicks.

Work as a team in azure service bus explorer
Work as a team

Serverless360 is a robust application to scale from a small team to enterprise scenario. You can invite your team members to the application to work as one single team. Serverless360 user interface is intuitive and easy to understand, you and your team can get started in minutes.

message processing
More message processing options

Serverless360 gives you the capability to resubmit, edit and resubmit or even resubmit and delete dead letter messages in deferred mode. This mode ensures the messages are not lost due to any network outage or if a user doesn’t perform resubmission after receiving the message from the dead letter queue.

monitor your Azure Serverless Services
One tool to monitor your Azure Serverless Services

Detect and be alerted about violations occurring in your Integration solutions. Get serverless monitoring based on resources properties and metrics. Detect failures in your Azure Services like Logic Apps, Functions and others.

Notification Channel
Connect your account with a variety of notification channels

Receive alert notifications to your Email, SMTP or to external notification channels like Slack, ServiceNow, PagerDuty, Microsoft Teams and OMS. It just takes few minutes to configure these details.

Scheduling Activities
Scheduling Activities, more automation

Automate sending bulk messages at a frequent time interval by configuring Activities (future and recurring). Configure dead letter activities to Resubmit, Resubmit & Delete, and Delete messages based on time or message count.

User access policy
User access policy

Fine grained role-based authorization to your Composite Application group. Restrict access to services on user level. Set up read-only access for specific users based on your business requirements.

governance and user auditing
Transparent governance and user auditing

In a complex serverless integration solution, it is vital to keep an eye on “who is doing what in your environment.” Any unintended activities could cause serious problems in your business process. Serverless360 collects, consolidates, and enables search filters on user activity logs.