Azure Storage Accounts Monitoring and Management

Manage and Monitor Storage account resources like Storage Queues, Storage Blobs, Storage Tables, Storage Files.

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Process Data

Process Storage Queue messages only in Serverless360

Update message content

Update message content and visibility time out of messages in the storage queue

Repair & Resubmit the message

Resubmit or Repair & Resubmit the message to another associated storage queue

Access message properties

Access message properties

Azure Storage Monitoring

Monitor Storage Account Queues, Blobs and Files in Status and Threshold monitors

Storage Queues
Storage Queues

Monitor the approximate message count of storage queue

Storage blob size
Storage blob size

Monitor the state, blob count and size by blob type of storage blobs

Storage File usage
Storage File usage

Monitor Storage file usage in Status and Threshold monitors

Azure Serverless Monitoring and Management made easy!

Serverless360 provides an easy to use interface to all your Azure Storage monitoring and management services.

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