Azure Relays Monitoring and Management

Manage, Monitor and Analyse Relay namespaces in Serverless360.

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Azure Relays Management

Does your orchestration include Hybrid and WCF relays? Serverless360 offers extensive management capabilities on Relays

Create Azure Relays

Quick Create Relays using property template

Manage Hybrid Relays using Serverless360
Hybrid Relays

Manage Hybrid Relays using Serverless360

Access Relays properties

Access Relay properties

Manage Shared Access Policies
Manage Shared Access Policies

Provide only necessary permissions to the interacting applications with generated Shared Access keys. Regenerate if needed.

Delete the Relay from Serverless360 itself

No need the Relay anymore, delete the Relay from Serverless360 itself

Azure Relays Monitoring

Monitor Relays in various perspectives using Data Monitor, Status Monitor, Threshold Monitor and Watch monitor

Monitor Relays on its listener count
Monitor Listeners

Monitor Relay on its listener count using status monitor

Detect Violation
Detect Violation

With Threshold monitor detect violation

Detect failure using Azure Relays in Serverless360
Detect failure in relay endpoint

Monitor relay endpoint with watch monitor

Identify Errors using Azure Relays
Identify Errors

Data Monitor can help identify Server errors or client errors in Listener and Sender connections

Detect Anomaly
Detect Anomaly

With Data monitor trace the trend in Bytes transferred by the Relay

Namespaces Analytics

Trace trends in Relay namespace usage with Serverless360 analytics

observe Active Listeners count on Azure relays
Active Listeners

Observe trends in Active Listeners by count

Observe and analyse client and Server Errors
Track Errors

Observe and analyse client and Server Errors in Sender and Listeners