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The Unified Azure Monitoring Tool to

Monitor your Microsoft Azure services in near real-time, get actionable alerts, and bring down resolution time.

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Azure Monitoring Tools
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The complete solution crafted to enable seamless Azure operations

Stop wasting time and effort dealing with alert storms, data silos and bottlenecks; invest in innovation!

Achieve unified Azure monitoring

  • Pre-defined monitoring templates of enterprise standard alerts on threshold breaches
  • Continuous monitoring for Azure services on their crucial performance metrics
  • Focus on resolution with a single consolidated error report, avoiding alert storms
Azure Cloud Monitoring Tools

Instant visibility into Azure application

  • The holistic view of Azure services from multiple tenants and subscriptions with live status
  • Automatic mapping of Azure services like Service Bus, Logic Apps, APIM & more to depict the application & spotlight the issues
  • Real-time depiction of the KPIs on an intuitive dashboard ideal for any anomaly detection
Azure Observability Tools

Solve Azure issues faster and easier

  • Reprocess dead letters in Service Bus or Event Grid and failed transactions in Logic Apps, Functions or Data Factory
  • Enable self-healing to spend less time troubleshooting incidents
  • Be proactive in resolving issues even before business realises the impact
Azure Server Monitoring Tools

Intelligent automation at scale

  • Process millions of messages and events with no manual intervention
  • Resubmit failed executions due to specific failure for the defined duration
  • Reduce manual effort in mundane tasks for operational efficiency
Microsoft Azure Monitoring Tools

Enable seamless team collaboration

  • Stay in control with granular role-based access permissions
  • Keep track of every user action even on Azure services
  • Set up single sign-on with Azure Active Directory integration
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Real stories from real customers

It’s not just about our platform. It’s about our people.

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“We get instant support from the team whenever a question is raised from our end. Serverless360 team is very supportive, & we would provide a 100% positive rating for it. ”

Stig Henriksen

“Top-notch! Both the support and product teams are very responsive and are eager to solicit and listen to our concerns and suggestions”

Frank E. Oriold

We haven’t really needed to use the Serverless360 Support Team because the system just runs, was very simple to setup and is a very stable platform.”

Michael Fanning

“There are many monitoring features available from Microsoft Azure, but there is not one cohesive tool that we can use to get a high-level view like that offered by Serverless360.”

Manish Upadhyaya

Top reasons
Why organisations prefer us

Reduce Spend

Get complete visibility into Azure services from multiple tenants and subscriptions that represent your production, development, or testing environments in a single dashboard.

Consolidated error report

Easily keep track of health, availability, performance of Azure services with a single consolidated error report. Stop wasting time and effort dealing with alert storms & data silos.

Performance dashboard and map

Detect anomalies and performance issues by depicting KPIs on an intuitive dashboard. Automatic dependency mapping of Azure services spotlights the issues quickly.