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APIM Product Monitoring

Monitor APIM products in various perspectives

Azure API management
Monitor State

With Status Monitor, ensure publicly accessible APIM product is available

Enable auto correct
Auto Correct

Enable auto correct in Threshold monitor on APIM product and be rest assured of its availability

Azure API management
Monitor Metrics

Understand the efficiency, reliability or consumption of the API Management Product using Data Monitor

APIM APIs Monitoring

Monitor APIs those include critical business logics

Evaluate performance with APIM Monitoring
Evaluate Performance

Evaluate performance with Data Monitor on average response time metric of the API

Azure API management
Measure Reliability

Measure reliability by configuring Data Monitor on the number of failed requests

Choose Metrics with APIM APIs Monitoring
Choose Metrics

Configure Data Monitor on desired metrics with appropriate warning and error threshold values

APIM Operations Monitoring

Have an eye on efficiency, reliability and consumption of APIM Operations

Monitor Bandwidth Utilization
Monitor Bandwidth Utilization

Configure Data Monitor on its metric ‘Data Transfer’ with appropriate warning and error threshold values

Azure API management
Detect Unauthorized Access

Monitor ‘Unauthorized Requests’ to detect unauthorized access which might be a Brute Force Attack

Azure API management
Measure Efficiency

Data Monitor on multiple metrics on Response times to measure efficiency of the APIM Operation