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What if you could stop thinking over API failures and validate if all the endpoint are intact? Now you can!

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Application Programming Interface (API) allows two systems to communicate with one another, the touchpoints of this communication are considered endpoints. Organizations leverage API to transfer vital information, processes, transactions, and more. API usage will only increase as time goes on and making sure that each endpoint in API communication is intact is vital to the success of each API. Understanding how each API is performing can drastically change the way you’re able to capture the value APIs add to your business. Proactively Monitoring APIs can ensure that you’re able to find issues before real users experience them.

Key features for an enhanced API Monitoring experience

HTTP monitoring via API
HTTP monitoring

APIs use HTTP requests to get information from a web application or web server. APIs that use HTTP methods like GET, POST, PUT, DELETE can be configured and monitored in Serverless360.

API monitoring Response alerts
Response alerts

Serverless360 supports response formats like plain text, XML, and JSON. You can configure to trigger alerts based on specific keyword present in a plain text response, specified value present at the mentioned XML/JSON path.

Status code alerts
Status code alerts

Monitor the API endpoints on the status code returned. You can configure monitors to trigger error or warning alert based on presence or absence of mentioned status code.

API monitoring Notification Channel
Connect your API monitoring with a variety of notification channels

Receive alert notifications to your Email, SMTP or to external notification channels like Slack, ServiceNow, PagerDuty, Microsoft Teams and OMS. It just takes few minutes to configure these details.

API responsiveness
API responsiveness

Monitor the API endpoints based on the response time. You can configure Serverless360 to trigger error or warning alert if the result exceeds the expected response time.

technical support
Get premium technical support

Worried about technical support? Serverless360 offers support via email, web meeting and chat all included in any plan you choose. You can ask us your queries and rest assured, our subject matter expert will get in touch with you.

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